Strength Packaging

To meet the demands of channels such as wholesale club distribution, our strength packaging portfolio offers high compression strength and intelligent structural design with heavyweight, litho-laminated, and laminated packaging options.

Offering a sustainable and premium alternative to plastic packaging, the paperboard is made from renewable wood-based fiber from sustainably managed forests.

Strength packaging featuring IntegraFlute


Strength Packaging Solutions

A portfolio of folding cartons and premium corrugated boxes designed to offer enhanced strength and protection to meet the demands of wholesale club distribution channels.

IntegraFlute™ Bag-in-Box Packaging

IntegraFlute™ is an omnichannel solution that provides an alternative to large plastic bags and buckets. It’s an integrated bag-in-box solution for large-format packaging that preserves and protects the product and is easy for the consumer to handle and recycle.

IntegraFlute™ Bag-in-Box Hybrid Barrier SIOC Packaging

Z-Flute™ Strategically Laminated Folding Cartons

Z-Flute™ is a solid fiber design with zero flutes that incorporates strategic reinforcement where compression strength is needed, delivering a heavyweight folding carton with the strength of a corrugated box. 

When combined with high-impact graphics, Z-Flute™ becomes premium and differentiated packaging that enhances brand image. 

Z-Flute™ Laminated Heavyweight Folding Carton

LithoFlute Litho-Laminated Heavyweight Cartons

LithoFlute litho-laminated corrugated premium packaging provides the strength and durability of a corrugated box with the strong visual appeal of a folding carton. 

Available in various flute profiles, LithoFlute cartons provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional heavyweight folding cartons packed in corrugated cases, while still providing maximum strength and high-impact graphics.  

LithoFlute Litho-Laminated Heavyweight Cartons

Heavyweight Folding Cartons

Constructed from .028 caliper and above single-ply sheets of CRB, URB, or SUS™ substrates, our heavyweight folding cartons incorporate unique structural design elements to provide enhanced performance characteristics without sacrificing the visual appeal of your package.

Heavyweight Packaging and Folding Cartons

McCall Farms’ New Package Brings Strength to Club Distribution

McCall Farms is a large-scale producer of canned fruits and vegetables with nationwide distribution. The company produces a variety of Southern-style products under several major brands, including Glory Foods.

Learn more about how we helped introduce McCall Farms into club distribution.