Our tray portfolio combines intelligent structural design with effective barrier technology to offer performance and functionality equivalent to traditional plastic trays. Including modified atmosphere, vacuum skin, and top seal formats, the range is ideal for applications including chilled and frozen ready-to-eat meals, fresh and processed protein, prepared salads, pasta, whole and processed fruit, and more.

A family of four is cooking, using various Graphic Packaging's products, including PaperSeal tray, ProducePack, and more.


Trays Solutions

Each tray in our portfolio has been designed to meet the requirements of the food it protects, combining intelligent structural design with a tailored range of barriers, ensuring a shelf-life equivalent to traditional plastic trays.

PaperSeal™ Barrier-Lined Paperboard Trays 

Our innovative PaperSeal™ tray portfolio offers brands and retailers the opportunity to replace high-barrier plastic trays with a barrier-lined paperboard alternative. 
We understand that the transition to fiber-based packaging is a priority for many of our customers, and it’s clear that sustainable paperboard packaging solutions must meet the functionality and performance of existing tray designs. 

Pressed Trays and Bowls

A portfolio of pressed trays and bowls for chilled and frozen food applications that includes pressed paperboard, aluminum, and MicroRite™ trays with susceptor technology to suit an array of needs and product applications. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. 

Pressed trays and bowls provide an alternative to CPET and PE plastic trays and are ideal for frozen and fresh food applications such as ready-to-cook meals.

PaperLite Barrier Material for Trays

Part of our tray portfolio, PaperLite is a fiber-based barrier material that is supplied on a reel for forming on standard thermoforming lines. It is ideal for fresh and processed meat and cheese applications.

Ideal for fresh and processed meats and cheeses, PaperLite™ is a fiber-based, thermoformable packaging material that is supplied flat on a reel.

ProducePack™ Punnet Tray

The ProducePack™ Punnet is a top-sealed paperboard tray for applications such as cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, grapes, and berries that offers superior recyclability compared to plastic alternatives, with enhanced on-shelf differentiation. It is an effective alternative to traditional PP and APET punnet trays for growers, packers, and retailers. 

ProducePack™ Punnet Fiber-Based Top-Sealed Produce Packaging

TrayArray™ Cookie and Cracker Paperboard Tray Insert 

TrayArray™ is a paperboard tray for cookie and cracker packaging that can be used as an alternative to a plastic insert.

TrayArray™ Cookie and Cracker Paperboard Tray Insert

New Seasons Market Reduces Single-Use Plastic in Fresh Pasta Packaging

As part of its commitment to reducing single-use plastic packaging, New Seasons Market collaborated with Graphic Packaging International to replace the plastic clamshell containers used for its Partner Brand Fresh Pasta.