Premium Finishes and Enhancements

Today more than ever, it’s critical that your product stands out from the crowd, is attractive to consumers, and reinforces your desired brand image.

Our premium print finishes and enhancements can help achieve this, delivering packaging that is not only functional but also highly desirable, elevating your brand and improving the consumer experience.

Premium Print Finishes and Enhancements


Explore Our Range of Premium Finishes and Enhancements

Our portfolio includes holographic and metallic effects, hot foil stamping, cast & cure finishes, and tactile effects.

Metallic Effects and Designs

Metallic finishing effects create a sense of luxury and elevate your brand image to a premium level. From fine lines to bold reflecting surfaces, our state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures the best possible outcome.

Metallic Packaging Designs and Finishes

Holographic Effects and Designs

Holographic effects create reflective accents on selected areas of your packaging to enhance the overall visual impact, creating a 3D effect on a flat surface. Dots, lines, waves and other unique elements can be included in the light-refracting surface.

Holographic Packaging Effects and Designs

3D Lens Effects

3D lens technology allows you to integrate lenses into your packaging design to create realistic 3D effects, delivering differentiation on the retail shelf.

3D Lens Effects and Designs

Tactile Packaging Effects

Engage a consumer’s sense of touch with tactile packaging effects that help to differentiate your product and enhance the consumer’s experience. 

Tactile Packaging Effects

Bacardi Canada Launches Four-Can Carton with High-End Print Enhancements

Ontario-based Alliance Labeling, Bacardi Canada’s co-packer, partnered with Graphic Packaging to create a carton that would capture the brand’s elegance while also incorporating practical and strategic features such as recyclability and easy packing.