Basket Carrier Multipacks

Our basket carrier multipack solution is designed to hold multiple bottled beverages, with a strong handle for safe and convenient carrying. Basket carriers have a superior printing surface that allows for an impactful brand appearance and can be easily customized with unique die cuts to make the pack stand out on the shelf.  

Achieve maximum shelf appeal by utilizing neck-through, strap-style, or fully enclosed designs.  

These multipack basket designs can run through our AutoFlex™ and AutoMaxx™ multipack machinery systems.

Basket Carrier Multipacks

Basket Carrier Multipack Benefits

Convenience Benefits
Comfortable and Secure Handle Options

Handles that offer improved comfort and reliability for product transportation

Wet Strength

Choose paperboard that holds up in wet or damp conditions to ensure product safety

Product Billboard

Paperboard provides a superior printing surface and brand appearance

Shape and Decorative Enhancement

Customize your multipack basket carrier with unique die cuts, as well as decorative enhancements including spot gloss, embossing, soft touch, metallized, and more

Operational Efficiency Benefits
Integrated Machinery Solution

High-speed automation via the AutoFlex™ and AutoMaxx™ multipack machinery systems

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale Returns for the Season With Innovative Glow-in-the-Dark Packaging

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery opened in 1995 as Delaware’s first brewpub. Since then, the brewery has expanded commercial distribution to all 50 U.S. states. In 2019, Dogfish Head merged with the fourth largest brewer in the United States, Boston Beer Co.

case study

Devils Backbone Brewing Company Develops Foil-Stamped Basket Carrier to Capture Attention and Elevate Brand

This basket carrier is a sustainable solution with a custom profile and premium enhancements that capture consumers’ attention and elevate the brand. The foil-stamped basket carrier with soft-touch coating gives dimension and creates a unique tactile experience.

Devils Backbone Brewing Company Develops Foil-Stamped Basket Carrier to Capture Attention and Elevate Brand
AutoFlex™ Basket Carrier Multipack Machine for Glass and PET Bottles

The AutoFlex™ basket multipack machinery system is a compact, high-speed lock-base basket system that can package a wide range of glass and PET bottle sizes in various pack formats and styles.

AutoMaxx™ Wrap and Basket Carrier Multipack Machine for Cans and Bottles

A high-speed, compact packaging machine that is capable of producing both wraps and basket carriers for a range of glass and plastic bottles, and aluminum cans.