Packaging for beauty applications should provide an invitation into the brand’s world, captivating the consumer.

Innovative structural design, beautiful high-impact printed graphics, and eye-catching print finishes and enhancements can achieve packaging that creates differentiation on the retail shelf and interest and engagement with the consumer.

Person taking a perfume bottle out of its beauty packaging


From mainstream skin care and hair care applications to designer cosmetics and luxury fragrances, we will deliver a solution that is functional and beautiful while being optimized for recyclability.

Consumer Beauty

Includes skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, and hair coloration applications for the mass market. Highly trend-driven, this packaging portfolio focuses on making an impact on the retail shelf.

Luxury Beauty

Our portfolio for the luxury beauty market includes solutions for premium skincare, cosmetics, and fragrances, designed to elevate the impact of a brand. It incorporates beautiful on-trend print finishes, innovative structural design, and enhancements that can support efforts against counterfeiting.


Inspira Cosmetics Innovates Product Packaging with Hemp-Based Alternative

Inspira Cosmetics partnered with us to further its sustainability goals by transitioning to a paper-based packaging solution partially derived from natural hemp fibers.

Inspira Cosmetics

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Featured Materials

Roll of solid bleached sulfate SBS paperboard
Bleached Paperboard 

Bleached paperboard is made from 100 percent wood-based fiber, with a bright, white surface that delivers an excellent print performance.

View of dry molded fiber spoons
Coatings and Laminations

We offer a portfolio of advanced coatings and laminations to complement our consumer packaging solutions. 

Leaflets and Packaging Inserts
Leaflets and Packaging Inserts 

Leaflets and packaging inserts provide all the necessary information to support the end user with information for correct product use.