Laser Perforation

Incorporating laser perforation into flexible packaging can help to extend the shelf life of fresh food or can help to create features such as easy opening. 

Laser perforation delivers a controlled score depth for tear initiation and guided tear but also maintains a controlled gas or moisture barrier.  

Our in-line process ensures efficiency, and individual laser patterns can be produced in register with the print design. 

This enhancement does not require modifications to your packaging line.   

Laser Perforation

Laser Perforation Benefits

Enhanced Shelf Life

Tailored laser micro-perforations enable a controlled gas exchange to maintain shelf life 

Consumer Experience Benefits
Easy and Safe to Open

Defined tear initiation and clearly visible structures give the user a controlled opening and guided tear 

Differentiating Branding

Laser-scored features on the surface create a unique look and laser-cut windows enable product visibility when using a paper-based laminate