Tamper-Evident Packaging Measures 

The ability for an end user to identify that secondary packaging has been tampered with or opened is vital to minimize risk and ensure safety. Tamper-evident packaging provides visible evidence that the product is intact. For pharmaceuticals, tamper-evident packaging is a legal requirement, while for other products, it offers security and reassurance of quality through the supply chain. 

Tamper-evident closures can be created via intelligent structural design and can be tailored to meet the requirements of the market. Options include glued tabs in combination with a tear or thumb-shaped perforation, tamper-evident labels, and flexible packaging that changes color once opened.

Tamper-Evident Packaging Measures 

Tamper-Evident Packaging Benefits


Incorporating tamper-evident closures into packaging will help you meet regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical sector

Consumer Experience Benefits
Consumer Experience

Incorporating tamper-evident features does not mean ease of opening has to be compromised. We can design solutions that are easy for the end user to use while still providing evidence of pack integrity


Tamper-evident packaging provides visible evidence of opening or tampering, helping to maintain quality and safety 

Lockcon Secures Testing Kits with Tamper-Evident Box from Graphic Packaging

Lockcon AG manufactures tamper-proof testing kits for professional athletes and animal sports. Lockcon’s secure containers transport blood and urine samples for doping tests at certified third-party laboratories. Based in Switzerland, Lockcon serves human and animal testing markets worldwide with its secure sample collection system.