Coatings and Laminations

A portfolio of advanced coatings and laminations that includes extrusion coatings, adhesive lamination, and water-based coatings to complement our range of consumer packaging solutions. The range offers benefits from superior barrier protection against moisture, gas, grease, and aroma, to enhanced strength, and thanks to our advanced R&D operations we can design the most effective solution to meet your packaging needs.  

Coatings and Laminations Benefits

Moisture, Gas & Aroma Barrier
Grease barrier
Grease Barrier

Delivering Performance and Protection

As a leader in fiber-based consumer packaging, we are committed to developing effective, scalable alternatives to fossil-based barrier coatings, including bio-based polymers. For example, our ecotainer™ portfolio includes an Ingeo® biopolymer coating made from PLA. 

With an emphasis on recyclability, compostability, performance, and scalability, we offer a range of coatings and laminations that can be customized to suit your product requirements.  

A range of sterile barrier materials for packaging of medical devices manufactured according to ISO 11607-1:2019.
Sterile Medical Barrier Materials

Safe and protective barrier materials for packaging of medical devices.

Ecotop™ High-Clarity Lidding Film
Lidding Films

We offer a full range of lidding films for thermoforming and tray-sealing machines. The barrier is tailored, so product quality and shelf life can be optimized for a wide range of applications. 

Explore our range of sachet, pouch, and flow wrapping materials that optimize product quality and shelf life.
Pouch and Sachet Materials

We offer a comprehensive range of plastic films and fiber-based materials for sachets, pouches, and flow wrapping.