The global food market is buoyant, and the food packaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5 percent from 2023 until 2030 (Grand View Research). From folding cartons to trays for fresh protein and produce, to formats for oven and microwave cooking, we create innovative, paperboard consumer packaging solutions to meet our customers’ food packaging requirements and assist with the transition away from plastic.

From ideation to design, development and production, we provide the expertise and experience to keep your brands ahead of the competition and your consumers coming back for more.


Foodservice Packaging

Factors Driving Growth and Innovation in Food Packaging

Sustainability Benefits
Paperboard Packaging

Consumers are increasingly demanding more sustainable packaging options, as they are concerned about the environmental impact of food packaging. This is driving the development of new packaging materials, formats, and technologies that better meet the needs of the circular economy.


As more and more consumers shop online for food, there is a need for packaging that can protect food through the supply chain and reach the consumer in excellent condition with quality and shelf-life preserved.


The global population is aging, and older consumers are more likely to purchase food that is packaged in convenient and easy-to-open formats, driving the development of new inclusive packaging formats that are designed to meet the needs of older consumers.

Convenience Benefits

Consumers are demanding enhanced levels of convenience, functionality, and interactivity from their food packaging, driving innovation in structural design, material selection, and printing technologies. 



We create innovative, paperboard consumer packaging solutions to meet our customers’ food packaging requirements for the following:

Frozen Food

Perishable food items that are frozen for preservation


Food that is made with sugar or other sweeteners, including candies, chocolates, pastries, and other confections

Fresh and Chilled Food

Perishable food items that are typically kept at low temperatures to maintain their freshness and extend their shelf life, including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, and seafood


Fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs


Baked goods such as bread, pastries, cakes, cookies 

Meat, Seafood and Poultry

Fresh proteins typically found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store

Dry Food

Shelf-stable grains, pasta, cereals, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and packaged snacks

Ready Meals

Pre-packaged food products that are fully cooked or partially cooked and require minimal preparation by the consumer

Coffee and Tea

Dry coffee and tea packages 


Food products derived from milk

Le Marin Vendéen Transitions to Paperboard PaperSeal Cook Tray

To complement its sustainability efforts, Le Marin Vendéen required a paperboard packaging solution for its retail customer Grand Frais, that helped to reduce plastic packaging for its premium chilled seafood range, while retaining overall pack performance.

Featured Food Packaging Solutions

ProducePack™ Punnet Fiber-Based Top-Sealed Produce Packaging
ProducePack™ Punnet Tray

The ProducePack™ Punnet is a top-sealed paperboard tray for applications such as cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, grapes, and berries that offers superior recyclability compared to plastic alternatives, with enhanced on-shelf differentiation.

PaperSeal™ Barrier-Lined Paperboard Trays 

Our innovative PaperSeal™ tray portfolio offers brands and retailers the opportunity to replace high-barrier plastic trays with a barrier-lined paperboard alternative. 

Boardio™ Fiber-Based Canister Packaging
Boardio™ Paperboard Canister

With more than 80 percent fiber, Boardio™ has a unique shape with space for product information and branding on all six sides and offers excellent protection for a range of applications.  


Food Packaging Materials

Fibrecote™ is a fiber-based flexible packaging material for a range of applications.
Fibrecote™ Flexible Packaging Material

Fibrecote™ is a flexible packaging material suitable for a variety of pack formats such as lidding, sachets, pouches, flow wraps, and unformed base webs.  

Available in low to high-barrier options, Transobond is an advanced, multilayered laminate material for demanding pouch applications.
Transobond Multilayer Laminate Pouch Material

Transobond is an advanced multi-layer laminate for demanding pouch applications. 

Ecotop™ is a high-barrier, easy-open film with anti-fog properties that is ideal for fresh protein, chilled foods, prepared salads, and more.
Ecotop High-Clarity Lidding Film

Ecotop is a high-barrier, easy-open film with anti-fog properties. Ideal for use with our portfolio of trays.