Bakery Boxes

Bakery boxes from Graphic Packaging International

Bakery boxes keep your bakery items fresh. We have a wide array of styles and sizes for bakery cartons, cake pads, circles and trays, that will sure match any need you have.
Plain white windowed bakery boxes

Our plain white cartons combine quality with variety and affordability.  Available in a wide variety of sizes, our plain white line has a box to fit most any of your baked goods needs. Our industry standard cake pads and circles are grease proof and help protect your products during transport and storage while enhancing visual appeal with scalloped edges.

Kraft bakery boxes

Our kraft styles lend an earthy feel while the design attracts the eye with a simplistic and modern look.  With full feature window displays, the Kraft Fresh Bakery line surrounds bakery products with an added look and feel of quality and freshness. Available in the most popular sizes for cakes and donuts, our bakery line will make your products pop.


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