Folding Cartons for Food, Beverage, and Consumer Products

Paperboard packaging can connect your brand to the consumer. It ensures the product inside is protected; it can provide a wonderful unboxing experience; it can incorporate innovative effects to appeal to the senses; and it can communicate important information. 

Our folding cartons product portfolio starts with renewable and/or recycled raw materials and is designed with recyclability in mind.

Folding Cartons for Food, Beverage, and Consumer Products - Pizzas


Folding Cartons Solutions

Our folding cartons are fully customizable, from the paperboard used to the print and finishing effects that make a package stand out. We leverage our design capabilities to produce the carton that fits best for your needs, from standard folding cartons, fresh produce packaging, and multipacks to packaging for more demanding channels such as e-commerce and club distribution.

We create standard and custom-printed folding cartons for food, beverage, household, personal care, beauty, and healthcare applications, and more.

Standard Folding Cartons

We offer a wide variety of folding cartons designed to protect your product through the supply chain, optimize production filling speeds, and stand out on the retail shelf.

Our structural designers are highly skilled at creating the right carton that will work for you. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and closing features. An extensive list of packaging enhancements is also available to make your product stand out on the retail shelf and to help build an emotional connection between the consumer and your brand.

Standard Folding Cartons

CleanClose™ Laundry Detergent Packaging  

A highly customizable paperboard alternative to plastic pouches and tubs for laundry detergent. Incorporates child-proof and tamper-proof opening features.  

Our child-resistant packaging features offer protection where needed while still being intuitive and easy for users not at risk of harm to open.

Fresh Produce Packaging

Our portfolio of paperboard packaging for fresh produce offers sustainable, recyclable, shelf-ready solutions for fresh fruit and vegetables. 

With eye-catching graphics, intelligent structural designs, and a range of barrier technologies to accommodate all applications, these packs protect and preserve through the supply chain and create a great impact on the retail shelf. 

Packaging for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Gift Boxes

The perfect packaging solution for high-value items, our premium gift boxes are available in standard or custom shapes and sizes.

Gift Box Packaging