Clip-Style Multipack Machinery

Our AutoClip™ multipack machinery range applies clip-style cartons, including KeelClip™, EnviroClip™, and EnviroClip Duo to multipacks of aluminum cans or PET bottles. 

The range includes premium and minimal material options that eliminate plastic rings and shrink film and deliver the right amount of coverage to protect and secure your product through the supply chain while maintaining visibility and offering outstanding branding opportunities.

ClipCombo™ Clip-Style Multipack Machine


Clip-Style Multipack Machinery Solutions

Our integrated clip-style machinery solutions provide the efficiency and flexibility that your brand needs with compatible and complementary multipack solutions.

EnviroClip™ 1800
AutoClip™ ECR1800

The AutoClip™ ECR1800 is a high-speed beverage can clip packaging machine that incorporates proven product-pitched technology.

ClipCombo™ Clip-Style Multipack Machine for PET Plastic Bottles
ClipCombo™ for PET Plastic Bottles

ClipCombo™ for PET plastic bottles is an innovative machinery solution that offers bottled beverage makers the ability to apply both Cap-It™ and EnviroClip™ fiber-based clip-style multipacks on the same machine.

ClipCombo™ Clip-Style Multipack Machine
ClipCombo™ for Cans

ClipCombo™ for cans offers beverage makers the ability to apply multiple fiber-based clip-style multipacks to cans on one machine.

GripClip™ 1600 Clip-Style Multipack Machine for Beverage Cans
AutoClip™ GC1600

The AutoClip™ GC1600 is an integrated high-speed machinery solution that applies the GripClip™ clip-style carton to multipacks of beverage cans. 

KeelClip 1600
AutoClip™ KC1600

The AutoClip™ KC1600 is a high-speed packaging machine that applies the KeelClip™ clip-style solution to multipacks of two-piece beverage cans.

Cap-It™ G3 Clip-Style Multipack Machine for PET Plastic Bottles
AutoClip™ CIG3

The AutoClip™ CIG3 is a multipack machinery system that applies Cap-It™, our premium paperboard clip-style carton for multipacks of PET bottles with neck rings. It can accommodate four to eight bottles per pack.

SplitClip™ Clip-Style Multipack Machine for Pre-existing Bottles in Tray
AutoClip SplitClip™

A continuous-motion EnviroClip™ applicator for PET bottles already in trays allowing multiple multipack SKUs from one single 24-pack application.

AutoClip EDBNG-90 EnviroClip Duo-Beam machine
AutoClip™ EDBNG-90

The AutoClip™ EDBNG-90 is a high-speed machinery solution for applying the EnviroClip™ Duo Beam paperboard clip to plastic and glass jars and bottles in two- and three-pack formats.  

The AutoClip™ EBR1200 is a small-footprint machine designed to apply EnviroClip™ solution to round and square plastic bottles. 
AutoClip™ EBR1200 

The AutoClip™ EBR1200 is a small-footprint system designed to apply EnviroClip™ to round and square PET bottles.

Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages Eliminates Plastic Packaging with Recyclable Clip-style Cartons

In support of Coca-Cola’s vision for a “World Without Waste,” LCCB partnered with Graphic Packaging International to replace plastic rings on its mini-can multipacks with clip-style recyclable paperboard clips.