ClipCombo™ for PET Plastic Bottles

A highly innovative machinery approach to beverage packaging, the ClipCombo™ for PET Plastic Bottles solution offers beverage makers the ability to run multiple fiber-based multipack styles for PET bottles across the same machine, delivering real value and flexibility to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. 

A proven technology concept, the machine runs at high speeds, no matter the style of pack being run, with easy, quick, tool-free changeovers. The ClipCombo machine combines Cap-It™ and EnviroClip™, our premium and standard clip-style multipacks for PET bottles respectively, in one flexible machinery solution.

Applications include:

  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Water and sports nutrition
  • Coffee and tea
ClipCombo™ for PET Plastic Bottles

ClipCombo for PET Bottles Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Broadens the range of options for beverage makers seeking sustainable, recyclable, paper-based multipack packaging, eliminating the need for plastic 
  • The paperboard is made from renewable plant-based fiber from sustainably managed forests 
Operational Efficiency
  • Runs premium and standard pack styles on one machine  
  • Reduces space and labor requirements as only one machine is needed 
  • Fast, easy no-tool changeovers 
  • High speeds of up to 400 packs per minute (dependent on application and configuration) 
  • We can manage your machine’s maintenance with our market proven planned maintenance program, that helps plan down-time, enables better budgeting, and improves partnerships 
  • Applies premium and standard multipack styles  
  • Offers an effective way of differentiating brands or ranges 
  • Ultimate machine flexibility combined with your choice of tried, tested, and trusted packaging 

See ClipCombo for PET Bottles in Action

The ClipCombo for PET bottles combines Cap-It and EnviroClip, our premium and standard clip-style multipacks for PET bottles, in one flexible machinery solution.

ClipCombo for PET Bottles Features

  • Servo-driven
  • 10 ft (3m) 5000 carton powered magazine
  • Three head rotary feeder with stop motion pick and radial carton path
  • 10 ft (3m) two lane infeed conveyor
  • LED interior lighting to identify machine operating condition
  • IQ tablet with changeover checklist and video help

ClipCombo for PET Bottles Specifications

  • 12 1/2” pitch – 4- and 6-packs:
    Format | Line | Surge
    2x2x1 | 227ppm | 250ppm
    2x3x1 | 227ppm | 250ppm
  • 15” pitch – 4-, 6- and 8-packs:
    Format | Line | Surge
    2x2x1 | 190ppm | 210ppm
    2x3x1 | 190ppm | 210ppm
    2x4x1 | 140ppm | 165ppm
Frame and Guards
  • Heavy duty welded tubular painted steel frame with corrosion resistant components
  • Full-height, clear visibility, sliding guard doors provide safe walk-in access to the machine
Primary Containers
  • PET bottles with neck ring – round & square
  • Diameter: 2 3/16” (55mm) to 2 7/8” (73mm)
  • Height: 7” (177mm) to 12” (305mm)