AutoClip™ CIG3

The AutoClip™ CIG3 is a multipack machinery system that applies Cap-It™, our premium paperboard clip-style carton for multipacks of PET bottles with neck rings.  

This third-generation machine has been designed to pack single-serve round and square PET bottles at high speed and can accommodate four to eight bottles per multipack. 

The unique carton design provides on-shelf differentiation by combining a generous billboard area with good product visibility by exposing a portion of the primary container.  

Different carton coverage (or ‘skirt’) lengths are available, including the option for bar code coverage, and the design includes finger holes that allow for comfortable, reliable carrying.  

AutoClip CIG3 can be used in combination with ClipCombo™ technology, providing the flexibility to run multiple clip styles on one machine. 

AutoClip™ CIG3

AutoClip CIG3 Benefits

Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency
  • Robust construction, with a heavy-duty tubular steel frame with corrosion-resistant coatings and materials 
  • Fewer parts, adjustments, chains, and drive points and simple timing 
  • Improved accessibility and better carton control from the feeder to the discharge 
  • Our market-proven predictive maintenance program (PMP) helps plan downtime and enables better budgeting 
Convenience Benefits
  • Quick, simple, and repeatable tool-free changeovers 
  • IQ tablet provides a changeover checklist and video guidance 
  • Changeover time of just 25-60 minutes 

See the AutoClip CIG3 in Action


  • Servo-driven 
  • 10 ft (3m) 5000 carton powered magazine 
  • Three-head rotary feeder with stop motion pick and radial carton path 
  • 10 ft (3m) two lane infeed conveyor 
  • Product metering via starwheels and advanced gripper selector 
  • Driven overhead flight system with pack-forming lugs 
  • LED interior lighting to identify machine operating condition 

AutoClip CIG3 Specifications

Primary Containers and Pack Configurations
  • Square or round PET bottles with neck ring 
  • 2×2, 2×3, and 2×4 configurations
  • 12½″ pitch format: four- and six-packs 
    • 2x2x1 | 227ppm sustained | 250ppm surge 
    • 2x3x1 | 227ppm sustained | 250ppm surge 
  • 15″ pitch format: four-, six-, and eight-packs 
    • 2x2x1 |190ppm sustained | 210ppm surge 
    • 2x3x1 | 190ppm sustained | 210ppm surge 
    • 2x4x1 | 140ppm sustained | 165ppm surge 
Product Configuration and Size
Machine Dimensions
  • Weight approximately 25,000 lbs (11,300 kg) 

Asahi Soft Drinks Launches Cap-It™, a Fully Recyclable Clip-style Carton for PET Bottle Multipacks

Asahi Soft Drinks needed a new multipack solution for their Wilkinson Sparkling Water range in response to increased production volumes and the shift from cans to PET bottles for soft drinks.