Cap-It™ Clip-Style Multipack Carton for PET Plastic Bottles

Cap-It™ is a recyclable paperboard clip solution for PET plastic bottles with neck rings. This multipack beverage packaging is an alternative to plastic rings and shrink film packaging.  

Cap-It features an intelligent design that maintains pack integrity through the supply chain. On-shelf differentiation is achieved via a generous billboarding area, that still allows good visibility of the bottles. 

Cap-It can be packaged with any of our Cap-It machinery equipment, including the Cap-It 2 and our new generation machine, AutoClip™ CIG3, that runs at higher speeds and provides enhanced bottle stability.   

Cap-It™ Clip-Style Multipack Carton for PET Plastic Bottles

Cap-It Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Clip-style paperboard packaging solution made from renewable plant-based fiber from sustainably managed forests  
  • Recyclable through household paper waste streams 
  • Skirt length can be varied to optimize the amount of board used, depending on application 
Consumer Experience Benefits
Consumer Experience
  • Finger holes make the pack easy to carry and handle  
  • Bottles can be easily and safely removed from the pack 
Convenience Benefits
  • The intelligent design makes the pack comfortable to carry, safe to handle, and easy to remove the bottles 
Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency
  • Maintains good pack integrity to meet the demands of the supply chain  
  • Efficient, high-speed machinery option available 
  • Accommodates multiple bottle sizes, types, and configurations 
  • Machinery can be incorporated into, or closely coupled to, other packaging formats, such as ClipCombo™, to pack multiple PET bottle types, sizes, and configuration  
Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand and Marketing
  • Premium billboard space for high-impact branding and messaging 
  • Some clip solutions offer label orientation which enhances the appearance on the retail shelf   
  • If required, bar codes can be masked by adjusting the length of the skirt 

See Cap-It in Action

This intelligent carton design provides on-shelf differentiation by offering the opportunity to print high-impact graphics on the paperboard while leaving the bottle visible to the consumer.

Cap-It Features

Brand and Marketing Benefits

A generous billboard space delivers a pack that really stands out on the retail shelf  


Provides good support and protection by holding tightly to the neck of the bottle. The level of protection provided can be varied by adjusting the length of the skirt. 

Pack Options

Accommodates a wide range of PET bottle styles and sizes in multiple configurations, including 4-, 6- and 8-packs 

Operational Efficiency Benefits
High-Speed Machinery

Can be applied by any of our Cap-It machines, including our new generation machine, AutoClip™ CIG3, that runs at higher speeds

Convenience Benefits
Ergonomic Design

Intelligent design makes it comfortable and safe to carry and handle  

Asahi Soft Drinks Launches Cap-It™, a Fully Recyclable Clip-Style Carton for PET Bottle Multipacks

Asahi Soft Drinks needed a new multipack solution
for their Wilkinson Sparkling Water range in
response to increased production volumes and
the shift from cans to PET bottles for soft drinks

Cap-It Product Applications

Sports Drinks
Carbonated Soft Drinks