Retail Food Containers 

A range of paperboard container solutions for a variety of food items, from ramen noodle meals to a serving of oatmeal. Offering the appropriate oxygen and moisture barriers to meet stringent shelf-life requirements, we can help you achieve your plastic reduction initiatives without sacrificing food quality. 

Retail Food Containers - Fiber-Based Ramen Cup


Round Retail Food Container Solutions

IntegraPak™ Bag-in-Box Packaging

IntegraPak™ is a fully enclosed carton with an integrated fiber-based bag or liner inside, so is ideal for at-home or on-the-go dry food, snacks, confectionery, and more. This combined solution allows the bag-in-box process to be streamlined as it is engineered to be right-sized and direct-filled for efficiency.

IntegraPak™ Bag-in-Box Hybrid Barrier Packaging

IntegraFlex™ On-The-Go Hybrid Barrier Packaging

IntegraFlex™ is an integrated paperboard carton and flexible paper package that ships flat and easily pops open into a holder, ideal for consuming on-the-go food items. 

This product line is highly customizable, including the paperboard carton and the flexible material on the inside. The pouches are microwavable and allow the consumer to eat directly out of the package without having to transfer the food to another container.

IntegraFlex™ Bag-in-Box Hybrid Barrier Packaging

Round Retail Food Containers

Paper food containers are an ideal packaging solution for customers looking to transition out of plastic containers for products on retail shelves. 

Our retail food containers are made to withstand shelf-life requirements, can be used with hot liquids or microwaved, and can be top-sealed for product freshness and security.

Round Retail Food Containers