Finishes and Enhancements 

Browse our extensive range of print, structural, promotional, and security finishes and enhancements to find the perfect finishing touch for your packaging.

Packaging Finishes and Enhancements


Our broad portfolio of packaging finishes and enhancements delivers a range of benefits including: 

Brand and Marketing Benefits
Increased Brand Awareness

Well-designed packaging with eye-catching print finishes and innovative structural design can help to increase brand awareness and make your products stand out on the shelf

Improved Security

Via integrated features that help protect against counterfeiting, tampering, and unsafe use by vulnerable users

Enhanced Product Appeal

Print finishes can be used to add a touch of luxury or sophistication to your packaging, making your products more appealing to consumers

Increased Product Value

Finishes and enhancements can help to increase the perceived value of your products, making them more likely to be chosen by consumers

Drive Consumer Engagement

Via the incorporation of technologies such as augmented reality and RFID


Finishes and Enhancements Solutions

Premium Print Finishes and Enhancements
Premium Print Finishes and Enhancements

Differentiate your brand and your packaging design with our premium print finishes, including metallic effects, holographic accents, and more.

Structural designs and enhancements
Structural and Design Enhancements

Structural and design enhancements include the use of unique shapes to create differentiation on the retail shelf, innovative seasonal calendars, and the use of integrated windows.

Promotional and Digital Enhancements
Promotional and Design Enhancements

Think tipped-on labels to in-pack premiums, integrated games, and figurines to augmented reality and near-field communication technology. We work with brands to create custom solutions that deliver effective promotional programs through packaging.

Security Enhancements
Security Enhancements

Protect your brand, products, and consumers from counterfeiters and tampering with security measures for your packaging that include tamper-evident and child-resistant packaging and more.

Additional Finishing and Capabilities
Additional Finishing Capabilities

Additional finishing solutions for packaging include laser perforation of flexible materials to enhance shelf life or add other benefits, and advanced gluing solutions for more complex structural designs.

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3D Lens Effects

3D lens technology allows you to integrate lenses into your packaging design to create realistic 3D effects.

Air Filter Frames

Our paperboard air filter frames are designed to hold HVAC filters in place.

An industry leader in paperboard air filtration products, we offer a variety of designs, board types, and calipers to produce the right product to maximize quality and performance.

Anti-Counterfeit and Grey Market Coding Packaging Measures

Consumers expect authenticity when buying a premium product, and for the pharmaceutical industry the guarantee of authenticity is vital to maintain patient safety, but high-value markets are attractive to counterfeiters. Our state-of-the-art packaging solution can help prevent counterfeiting to ensure your brand integrity is maintained and patients are protected.

AquaKote™ Unbleached Paperboard

AquaKote™ unbleached paperboard is a high-strength sheet when both wet and dry and is ideal for beverage multipacks and frozen food applications.

Augmented Reality

Incorporating augmented reality into a packaging design can be an innovative way to increase engagement or provide product information.

AutoClip SplitClip™

A continuous-motion EnviroClip™ applicator for PET bottles already in trays allowing multiple multipack SKUs from one single 24-pack application.

AutoClip™ CIG3

The AutoClip™ CIG3 is a multipack machinery system that applies Cap-It™, our premium paperboard clip-style carton for multipacks of PET bottles with neck rings. It can accommodate four to eight bottles per pack.

AutoClip™ EBR1200

The AutoClip™ EBR1200 is a small-footprint system designed to apply EnviroClip™ to round and square PET bottles.

AutoClip™ EDBNG-90

The AutoClip™ EDBNG-90 is a high-speed machinery solution for applying the EnviroClip™ Duo Beam paperboard clip to plastic and glass jars and bottles in two- and three-pack formats.

AutoClip™ GC1600

The AutoClip™ GC1600 is an integrated high-speed machinery solution that applies the GripClip™ clip-style carton to multipacks of beverage cans.

AutoClip™ KC1600

The AutoClip™ KC1600 is a high-speed packaging machine that applies the KeelClip™ clip-style solution to multipacks of two-piece beverage cans.


The AutoFlex™ basket multipack machinery system is a compact, high-speed lock-base basket system that can package a wide range of glass and PET bottle sizes in various pack formats and styles.