AutoClip™ EBR1200 

The AutoClip™ EBR1200 is a small-footprint system designed to apply the EnviroClip™ clip-style multipack solution to round and square PET bottles. The machine can achieve speeds of up to 340 packs per minute, provides 4-, 6-, and 8-pack formats, and has tool-free changeovers.

AutoClip EBR1200 has a powered clip magazine with a high capacity and an integrated down product detection on the infeed conveyor. The machine produces clips with minimal material and no glue that offer an alternative to plastic rings and shrink film.

AutoClip™ EBR1200 

AutoClip EBR1200 Operational Efficiency Benefits

  • Heavy-duty welded tubular painted steel frame with corrosion-resistant components
Clear Visibility
  • Full height, clear visibility guard doors provide easy walk-in access to the machine 
Tool-Free Changeovers
  • Tool-free changeovers are quick, simple and repeatable, eliminating time-consuming fine tuning
IQ Tablet
  • Our IQ tablet with changeover checklist and video help enables easy changeovers  

See AutoClip EBR1200 in Action

AutoClip EBR1200 Features and Applications

  • Product pitched bottle transport belts
  • Secondary motion rotary clip feeder
  • Side transfer paper feed into a product pitched overhead clipping belt
  • Change part nick breaker for 4-,6-, and 8-packs
  • Unique clipping belt system
  • Planetary discharge system
  • Servo main drive motors
  • 15” color touchscreen
  • Automatic prime and clean-out features
  • Internal colored LED lighting
  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Waters
  • Sports nutrition drinks

AutoClip EBR1200 Specifications

Primary Containers and Pack Configurations
  • Round and square neck PET bottles with neck rings
  • Pack formats: 4-, 6-, and 8-packs 
  • Primary container size ranges:
    • Diameter: 2.16” (55mm) to 2.95” (73mm)
    • Height: 6.75” (171mm) to 10” (254 mm)
  • 2 x 2 | 300 ppm line | 340 ppm surge
  • 2 x 3 | 200 ppm line | 230 ppm surge
  • 2 x 4 | 150 ppm line | 170 ppm surge   
Machine Models
Machine Dimensions
  • Base machine: 85” wide x 204” long x 85”high
  • With optional turner/divider: 294” long
  • Weighs approximately 14,500 lbs (6,600 kg)