Marksman™ 750

The Marksman™ 750 is a mid-speed multipack machine for over-the-crown and neck-through wraps. It’s ideal for cans and glass, aluminum, and plastic bottles in multiple diameters and heights. 

The machine applies a fiber-based wrap-style carton using our market-proven paperboard locking mechanism, which eliminates the need for glue. 

Marksman™ 750

Marksman 750 Benefits

Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency

Robust construction

  • Built with a stainless-steel frame with corrosion-resistant components 
  • Full height, clear hinged guard doors providing easy walk-in access to the machine functions for changeover and maintenance 

More production, less maintenance

  • Fewer parts, adjustments, chains, drive points; improved accessibility and better carton control from the feeder to the discharge 

No-tool changeovers

  • No-tool changeovers are quick, simple and repeatable  
  • Time for changeovers: 30 minutes (format change) 45 minutes (product/change) 

Predictive maintenance program

  • We can manage your machine’s maintenance with our market proven PMP program, that helps plan down-time, enable better budgeting, and improve partnerships. 

See the Marksman 750 in Action

The Marksman 750 is a mid-speed multipack machine for over-the-crown and neck-through wraps for cans and glass and plastic bottles.

Marksman 750 Specifications

  • Pitch/Line/Surge:
    • 10”/180ppm/200ppm (standard)
    • 12 1/2”/140ppm/160ppm
    • 15”/105ppm/125ppm
  • *Speeds for glass bottles reduced by 15%
  • Machine elevation: 41-3/8″ +/- 2″ (1050mm +/-50mm)
  • Machine weight approx.: 10,000 lbs (4500 kg)

Features and Applications

Standard Features
  • Standard lock
  • Dual rotary vane vacuum pump
  • Automatic oil system
  • 2,800 carton capacity magazine
  • Three-arm rotary
  • Beer
  • Craft beer
  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Water and sports nutrition
  • Coffee and tea
  • Dairy
  • Spirits and cocktails
  • Wine
  • Food cans
  • Pet care