IntegraPak™ Bag-in-Box Packaging

IntegraPak™ is a fully enclosed carton with an integrated fiber-based bag or liner inside, so it’s ideal for at-home or on-the-go dry food, snacks, confectionery, and more. This combined solution allows the bag-in-box process to be streamlined as it is engineered to be right-sized and direct-filled for efficiency. 

Features include easy opening and reclosing, a rigid construction for enhanced product protection, shaped structures that offer on-shelf differentiation, and functional elements that improve the consumer’s experience. 

High barrier performance makes IntegraPak a great alternative to traditional flexible plastic stand-up pouches and multi-wall bags. 

IntegraPak™ Bag-in-Box Packaging

IntegraPak Bag-in-Box Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Replace an internal plastic bag with a fiber-based alternative to improve total package recyclability 
Operational Efficiency
  • Easy to open, fill, and seal  
  • Separate filling of the bag with insertion into the box is not required 
  • Provides high-barrier protection against grease, moisture, and oxygen  
  • Rigid construction provides enhanced product protection compared to flexible bags or pouches 
Brand & Marketing
  • 360-degree branding via high-quality graphics to showcase the product 
Consumer Experience
  • Easy-open and close solutions available 
  • No-slip dispensing 
  • Store one SKU rather than separate bags and boxes  

IntegraPak Bag-in-Box Specifications

Customizable Size/Shape
Available with High-Barrier Paper Insert

IntegraPak Bag-in-Box Applications

Dry Foods
Dry Goods
Pet Care
Pet Care Products