Mono-Plastic Materials

Our range of mono-plastic materials is comprised of a single source of plastic — PE or PET — promoting recyclability in household waste streams where collection, sorting, and recycling streams are in place.

Materials include semi-rigid PET, flexible multilayer PE materials for thermoformed trays as well as thinner PET or PE films suitable for tray lidding, pouches, and flow packing.

Our range of mono-plastic materials provides a holistic solution, with both tray and lidding materials available.

Mono-Plastic Materials

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Mono-Plastic Materials Benefits

Sustainability Benefits

Mono-material packaging is inherently easier to recycle than a composite material 


Provides excellent barrier performance for extended shelf life and product protection  


Mono-Plastic Materials Solutions

Ecoflex™ Mono-Material for Thermoformed Applications

Designed primarily as a thermoforming base web, Ecoflex™ is a mono PE material formulated with premium polymers, offering good puncture resistance and tear resistance. It is suitable for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) or vacuum skin packaging (VSP) applications. 

Ecoflex™ is a flexible, mono-PE packaging material that offers puncture and tear resistance and can be used for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).