Additional Finishing Capabilities for Packaging

Additional finishing solutions for packaging include laser perforation of flexible materials to enhance shelf life or add other benefits, and advanced gluing solutions for more complex structural designs.

Additional Finishing Capabilities for Packaging


Additional Finishing Capabilities Solutions

Complex Gluing Solutions for Packaging

Complex gluing applications can transform a flat blank into an attractive and innovative structure, helping to create on-shelf differentiation. Options include skiving and hemming, flame-sealing, CR adhesives, and more.

Complex Gluing

Laser Perforation

Incorporating laser perforation into flexible packaging can help to extend the shelf life of fresh food or can help to create features such as easy opening. 

Laser Perforation for Packaging Applications

Related Finishes & Enhancements

Anti-Counterfeit and Grey Market Coding Packaging Measures
Anti-Counterfeit and Grey Market Coding Packaging Measures

Consumers expect authenticity when buying a premium product, and for the pharmaceutical industry the guarantee of authenticity is vital to maintain patient safety, but high-value markets are attractive to counterfeiters. Our state-of-the-art packaging solution can help prevent counterfeiting to ensure your brand integrity is maintained and patients are protected.  

Child-Resistant Packaging Solutions
Child-Resistant Packaging

Often used for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other non-food consumer products, child-resistant packaging can protect children and vulnerable consumers from harm while still being intuitive and easy for those not at risk to open. 

Tamper-Evident Packaging Measures 

Tamper-evident packaging provides visible evidence to the end user that the product has not been tampered with. For pharmaceuticals, tamper-evident packaging is a requirement, while for other products it offers security throughout the supply chain and to the consumer.