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Notice to Suppliers Regarding COVID 19   (English | French)

GPI Supplier Authorization–COVID 19    (English)

GPI Supplier Authorization (North America)–COVID 19    (English | French)

GPI Transportation Authorization–COVID 19    (English)

GPI Transportation Authorization (Canada)–COVID 19    (English | French)

2018 Forest & Fiber Certification Policy    (English | French)

Credit Reference Letter    (English | French)

Ghost Card Enrollment    (English | French)

Global Supplier Code of Conduct    (English | French)

Insurance Matrix and Sample COI    (English | French)

Insurance Matrix and Sample COI – GPI Converting, LLC    (English)

Insurance Matrix and Sample COI – GPI Midwest, LLC (English)

Terms and Conditions – Canada    (English | French)

Terms and Conditions – GPI Converting, LLC    (English)

Terms and Conditions – GPI Midwest, LLC    (English)

Terms and Conditions – U.S.    (English | French)

Wire Transfer Instructions    (English | French)

W-9    (English | French)

W-9 – GPI Converting, LLC    (English)

W-9 – GPI Midwest, LLC     (English)

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Anti-Bribery    (English | French)

Anti-Harassment     (English | French)

Anti-Trust     (English)

Equal Employment Opportunity    (English | French)

Human Rights    (English | French)

Lactation    (English | French)

Smoking and Tobacco Use    (English | French)

Workplace Violence    (English | French)