Fresh Produce Packaging

Our portfolio of paperboard packaging for fresh produce offers sustainable, recyclable, shelf-ready solutions for fresh fruit and vegetables.

It’s comprised of ProducePack™, a range of options, including one-piece and two-piece full paperboard constructions and open structures that can be combined with flow wrap, the ProducePack Punnet tray that can be top-sealed and is suitable for more sensitive applications such as berries, and the PaperSeal™ tray, when a modified atmosphere is required.

From apples to raspberries and avocados to mushrooms, our range of fresh produce packaging protects and preserves through the supply chain and creates a great impact on the retail shelf.

Fresh Produce Packaging


Fresh Produce Packaging Solutions

With eye-catching graphics, intelligent structural designs, and a range of barrier technologies to accommodate all applications, our fresh produce packaging protects and preserves through the supply chain and creates a great impact on the retail shelf. 

ProducePack™ Packaging for Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

ProducePack™ is a range of innovative fiber-based packaging designed for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Visually appealing, user-friendly packs bring recyclable paperboard and high-quality printed graphics into the fresh produce aisle to enhance your brand image and your consumer’s experience.

ProducePack™ Fiber-Based Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Packaging

ProducePack™ Punnet Tray

The ProducePack™ Punnet is a top-sealed paperboard tray for applications such as cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, grapes, and berries that offers superior recyclability compared to plastic alternatives, with enhanced on-shelf differentiation. It is an effective alternative to traditional PP and APET punnet trays for growers, packers, and retailers. 

ProducePack™ Punnet Fiber-Based Top-Sealed Produce Packaging

PaperSeal™ Barrier-Lined Paperboard Trays 

Our innovative PaperSeal™ tray portfolio offers brands and retailers the opportunity to replace high-barrier plastic trays with a barrier-lined paperboard alternative. 
We understand that the transition to fiber-based packaging is a priority for many of our customers, and it’s clear that sustainable paperboard packaging solutions must meet the functionality and performance of existing tray designs. 

The Tomato Stall Replaces Plastic Packaging for Premium Tomato Ranges with Recyclable Paperboard

Isle of Wight, UK-based tomato producer, The Tomato Stall, switched to the ProducePack Punnet, eliminating plastic flow wrap on their premium tomato ranges.