To-Go Food Packaging 

A full portfolio of single-use to-go food packaging that includes clamshells, trays, folding cartons, plates, buckets, containers, carriers, and fry packaging for businesses serving hot and cold foods.  

Choose between standard designs, stock designs, or custom-printed to-go packaging. 

The portfolio includes our standard to-go packaging portfolio, ecotainer™ cups and containers, EconoPaxx™ takeout containers, and more.  

To-Go Food Packaging 

To-Go Food Packaging Benefits

Sustainability Benefits

The portfolio meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standards, ensuring that the renewable fiber used comes from sustainably managed forests

Brand & Marketing

Choose a stock design or print your logo and/or a custom design

Compliance Packaging

Compliance packaging available 


To-Go Food Packaging Solutions 

Paperboard Clamshells and Trays
Paperboard Clamshells and Trays

Paperboard clamshells and trays are one-piece structures that are ideal for holding food items like sandwiches, sides, hot dogs, and single slices of pizza.

Paper Food Trays
Food Trays

Ideal for quick service restaurants, venues, and concessions, our food trays come in a variety of sizes and styles that can fit any occasion where you’re serving fresh food. 

Takeout Containers, Boxes, and Pails Foodservice Packaging
Takeout Boxes, Barns, and Pails

Our takeout containers, boxes, and pails are an easy and convenient way to safely transport a meal from a restaurant to a chosen destination. 

EconoPaxx™ To-Go Food Containers
EconoPaxx™ To-Go Food Containers

The EconoPaxx™ line of to-go containers for hot and cold food is made from 100 percent recycled fiber and is PE-coated for enhanced grease and moisture protection.

Bakery Boxes for Cakes, Donuts, and Baked Goods
Bakery Boxes

Our range of bakery boxes is a perfect way to display and package your fresh bakery items. 

On-the-go cylindrical food containers that are ideal for ice cream, frozen yogurts, soups, snacks, side items, and more.
Standard Cylindrical Food Containers

Standard cylindrical food containers can be used for a variety of hot and cold applications such as frozen yogurt, soups, snacks, and family-style side items.

Food Buckets

Our food buckets are ideal for meal items that require a larger top opening for easier sharing.

ecotainer™ Commercially Compostable Packaging
ecotainer™ Food Containers 

ecotainer™ paper food containers are made from plant-based fiber from sustainably managed forests, with a PLA biopolymer coating. The lids are made from PLA biopolymer. The range is commercially compostable where facilities exist, with ASTM and BPI certifications for compostability. 

Paper Plates

Our plates are an ideal solution for individual portions of food and provide an effective alternative to plastic and foam.

Ideal for entertainment facilities and available in two sizes, carryout trays and cup carriers provide a quick and convenient way to serve customers.
Food and Beverage Carriers

Food and beverage carriers are a convenient, safe way to give multiple food and beverage items to consumers.

From French fry containers to scoop cups, we have a range of styles and sizes for all your fried food applications.
Fry Packaging

Our fry packaging range includes a variety of containers in upright and tub formats.

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