Fry Packaging

Our fry packaging range includes a variety of containers in upright and tub formats. The grease-resistant barrier ensures minimal grease transfer onto other products in a to-go bag and the upright design helps to keep fries from spilling out of the container. 

Fry packs and tubs are great for quick service restaurants, university cafeterias, and concession stands where dry items are served, such as pretzel bits, popcorn chicken, and French fries. 

The range includes: 

  • Scoop cups, for individual servings that fit in a car cup holder or stand up straight 
  • Fry pods/packs, for individual servings that easily collapse when you’re done eating 
  • Fry tubs, for an extra-large, sharable serving 
Fry Packaging

Fry Packaging Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Made from plant-based fiber from sustainably managed forests 
  • Meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) standards 
Operational Efficiency
  • Stackable 
  • Can be used as a scoop to quickly fill the container and maintain portion control 
Brand & Marketing
  • Can be custom printed 
  • Can provide an elevated appearance to the food vs. a flexible bag 
Consumer Experience
  • Easily stand up in a bag or can lay flat on a tray 
  • Design ensures the food stays in the container instead of spilling out 
  • Grease-resistant barrier to maintain stability of package and minimize the transfer of oils to other products in a to-go bag 

Fry Packaging Specifications

Scoop Cups
  • Sizes include small 4oz and medium 6oz 
  • Available in plain, stock, or custom design 
  • Round base for extra stability when placed upright on a table or in a bag 
  • Arrives nested/stacked in a sleeve 
Fry Pods/Packs
  • Small, medium, and large sizes 
  • Plain or custom printed 
  • Ship flat and easily pop open 
Fry Tubs
  • Medium and large sizes 
  • Plain or custom printed 
  • Arrives nested/stacked in a sleeve 

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