Whether you manufacture pharmaceuticals or medical devices, today’s healthcare industry faces challenging demands when it comes to packaging. 

As well as meeting stringent hygiene standards for patient safety, your optimal packaging solution must fulfil legal requirements, enable fast delivery and consistent quality, as well as offer your consumers security and clear information. Increasingly, the sustainability of your packaging is also an important consideration, with the right packaging – and the right packaging partner – key to the success of your product.  

We understand these demands, and through decades of close collaboration with healthcare customers, our global healthcare packaging experts have developed the knowledge and experience to help you navigate and manage any technical, quality and regulatory challenges along the way. 

From paperboard to flexible packaging, we can help you develop the solution that takes your product to the next level with technologies and materials that provide improved security, functionality and sustainability. 

We provide a complete healthcare packaging solution for primary and secondary packaging needs, including leaflets and inserts, to streamline the process and reduce effort, time and costs. 

Healthcare Segments

Wound Care


We understand that pharmaceutical packaging must contribute to the security and safety of the pharmaceutical product. It has a core responsibility to be easy to open for people with limited motor skills, support patient compliance with structural add-ons or smart applications and guarantee security through anti-counterfeit solutions, such as tamper evidence, serialization and track and trace.  

As suppliers of pharmaceutical products find themselves in an intensely competitive market, we provide innovative packaging solutions that ensure high security and pack integrity, meet compliance regulations, and optimize your processes with maximum reliability and quality.  

Our processes and production facilities precisely align with the needs of the industry, meeting the highest safety, quality, and compliance standards. To directly meet the challenges in the pharmaceutical market, we coordinate our processes with customers’ requirements to deliver just-in-time production while securing end-to-end-traceability.   

We offer a comprehensive range of folding cartons, leaflets, flexible materials and packaging systems. 


Medical Devices

Medical device packaging should be easy to open, keep the device sterile and have the ability to withstand long periods of storage.  

Medical devices can range from low to high-risk products, meaning safety cannot be compromised. By maintaining stringent hygienic environments and ensuring high security and pack integrity, we provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of the market.

Flexible primary packaging is used both as a protective covering to prevent the ingress of microorganisms as well as a sterile barrier system, and our range of sophisticated materials allow single-use medical devices to be sterilized during manufacturing with the method required by the product. 

We offer a complete range of flexible materials including fiber-based materials, plastic films with and without release properties as well as thermoformable materials and aluminium laminates.  

Folding cartons provide excellent secondary protection for individually packed medical devices but also for multipacks. The secondary packaging is an important tool to provide end users with accurate on-pack information. 

Our carton-based solutions provide safe protection, accurate printing and features such as serialization, traceability, braille, inserts & labels, childproofing and more. We always aim for the most sustainable packaging solution without compromising the safety of the consumer. 



Folding carton, leaflets, flexible materials, Boardio®, PaperLite®
Anti-counterfeit, Tamper Evidence, Track and trace
Tactile effects (e.g. braille), metallic and holographic effects
Smart Packaging, Serialization and coding
Child-proof options