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BETTERGUARDS Partnered With Us To Develop Packaging for Its Breakthrough Sports Technology

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BETTERGUARDS Partnered With Us International To Develop Packaging for Its Breakthrough Sports Technology

BETTERGUARDS is a sports technology innovator known for developing The BetterGuard, an adaptive ankle brace used in professional sports. As part of the NBA’s startup accelerator, The BetterGuard was developed for high-level professional athletes and focuses on injury prevention and recovery.

We partnered with the company to develop a bespoke paperboard packaging solution that creates premiumization, enhances the consumer experience, and delivers production and shipping efficiencies.

BETTERGUARDS partnered with Graphic Packaging to develop a bespoke fiber-based packaging solution for its breakthrough new product.
  • BETTERGUARDS wanted an innovative packaging solution to create differentiation and premiumization for its new-to-market product, The BetterGuard
  • The packaging needed to be highly functional and create an engaging opening experience for consumers
  • The packaging solution needed to be optimized for online shipping and efficient transport
  • Graphic Packaging introduced a recyclable, four-piece paperboard carton solution
  • The inlay has slits on the top left and right that lock a small carton in place. Modular fitments fill the void to ensure the brace is always displayed from the correct side.
  • The system includes slits to keep the product brochure in place
  • The package features a matte black, soft-touch varnish, creating a premium appearance
  • The packaging prioritizes the consumer experience as the brace is immediately visible in the correct orientation, and the user manual is clearly displayed
  • The product’s four-piece inlaid design and premium printing finish create a high-value opening experience
  • The slimline design and product protection features optimize the pack for transport
  • Specially designed so all pack sizes can run on the same machine