Machinery Systems 

We offer a wide portfolio of machinery systems for beverage and food containers, carton formers, cartoners, sleevers, pick-and-place machines, and custom options for consumer products.

Our machinery systems can help maximize your efficiency and are built with your needs in mind. The machines cover a full range of applications and speeds for all packaging needs.

Packaging Machinery Systems


Our Machinery Solutions

Each machine comes equipped with an IQ tablet that provides full instructional capabilities, allowing your team to run the machine more efficiently, with quicker changeover times. 

Taking care of your machinery has never been easier with our Predictive Maintenance Program (PMP). Machinery part replacements will be sent to your team on a regular basis so that you can prevent issues before they happen.  

QuikFlex™ 2100G3 Fully Enclosed Multipack Machine for Cans and Bottles
Fully Enclosed Multipack Machinery

Our QuikFlex™ multipack machinery portfolio can form and fill fully enclosed cartons with cylindrical primaries for beverage and food applications.

The portfolio includes manual, low-to-mid, and high-speed application options.

AutoFlex™ Basket Carrier Multipack Machine for Glass and PET Bottles
Basket Multipack Machinery

Our high-speed basket carrier machinery portfolio includes AutoFlex™ and AutoMaxx™, ideal for packing a range of glass and plastic bottles in various configurations. 

KeelClip 1600
Clip-Style Multipack Machinery

Our clip-style multipack machinery range applies a variety of clip-style cartons including KeelClip™, EnviroClip™, and GripClip™ to multipacks of aluminum cans and PET bottles.

Marksman™ 2400 Wrap-Style Multipack Machine for Cans
Wrap-Style Multipack Machinery

Our wrap-style multipack machinery portfolio for cans and glass and plastic bottles includes the Marksman™ line that features a patented fiber lock. Options are available for manual, low, mid, and high-speed applications. 

Ideal for multipacks of beverages, food, and other products. 

Sleep wrapping machinery systems
Sleeve Wrapping Machinery

Customizable systems for applying paperboard wraps or pre-glued sleeves to a variety of products.

QuikFlex™ CP Cartoning Machine for Fully Enclosed Multipack
Cartoning and Carton Formers

Our line of cartoners for fully enclosed packaging includes a variety of carton feeders to suit the speed and application for carton staging. Our models are customizable for brand and operational needs.

Clamshell Labeling Machine
Pick and Place Machinery

A full range of pick and place machines for denesting trays, inserting, onserting, or positioning items into/onto other products in a packaging production line, including reciprocating placers, rotary placers, and models for doming or lidding.

Boardio™ Machinery System
Paper Canister Machinery

Our innovative machinery systems form, fill, and seal our portfolio of paper canisters.

custom robotic solutions
Custom Systems

Our range of custom machines, including neck tag applicators, robotic systems, and collators, can be standalone or integrated into your current packaging lines. 

Explore Our Machinery in Action

Dive into our resources and explore real-life examples of how together, with our customers, we’re pushing the limits.

case study

Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages Eliminates Plastic Packaging on Multipacks Using KeelClip™ 1600

Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages partnered with Graphic Packaging to replace plastic rings on its mini-can multipacks with KeelClip™, a clip-style multipack solution.

Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages Eliminates Plastic Packaging on Multipacks

case study

Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I Works With Graphic Packaging for Their Bud Light Hard Seltzer Packaging Using the QuikFlex™ 2100 G3

Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I chose Graphic Packaging to create a fully enclosed multipack solution for Bud Light Hard Seltzer.

Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I Works With Graphic Packaging for Their Bud Light Hard Seltzer Packaging