Pouch and Sachet Materials

We offer a comprehensive range of optimized materials for sachets, pouches, and flow wrapping using combinations of plastic films and paper-based materials. High-performance films protect the product and make it attractive to the consumer.    

These high-performance films provide excellent barrier protection so product quality and shelf life can be optimized for a wide range of food and healthcare, as well as home and industrial products. Combined with convenience features and high-quality printing, they give your product strong market advantages.

Pouch and Sachet Materials


They are ideal for many pack formats such as sachets, pouches, and stick-packs produced in horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal packaging machines (HFFS and VFFS).

Sustainability Benefits
  • Mono-material options designed for recyclability 
Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency
  • Excellent sealing properties
Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand & Marketing
  • Mono-material options designed for recyclability 
  • Advanced printing options 
Consumer Experience Benefits
Consumer Experience
  • Tailored barrier for oxygen, moisture, light, and more 
Convenience Benefits
  • Easy-peel and laser perforation opening features 

Comprehensive Range

  • Fiber-based flexible packaging designed for recyclability 
  • Materials with superior barrier protection with paper look & feel 
  • Advanced multi-layer laminates for demanding pouch applications 
  • Materials that provide superior barrier protection in a tough, lightweight pack 
  • Versatile pouch and flow pack laminate for product differentiation 
Explore our range of sachet, pouch, and flow wrapping materials that optimize product quality and shelf life.

Our Pouch and Sachet Materials Solutions

All pouch and sachet materials are approved for food contact and can be combined with various convenience features and high-quality printing to give your product a visual advantage. We are able to customize the packaging to your specifications and our skilled technical service team will support you throughout the development process.

Fibrecote™ Flexible Packaging Material

Fibrecote™ is a flexible packaging material suitable for a variety of pack formats such as lidding, sachets, pouches, flow wraps, and unformed base webs. It runs efficiently on existing form-fill-seal (FFS) lines and is ideal for a range of applications. 

Fibrecote™ is a fiber-based flexible packaging material for a range of applications.

Tite-Pak™ Flexible Packaging Material

Tite-Pak™ is a custom flexible packaging material designed to hold frozen French fries that are cooked in the back of a foodservice kitchen. The material is perfect for high-speed form, fill seal (FFS) applications and is sold as roll stock.

Tite-Pak™ Flexible Packaging Material

Foilbond™ Barrier Material

Foilbond™ provides superior barrier protection with the look and feel of paper. 

With an inner aluminum layer and an outer paper layer, Foilbond™ provides high-performance barrier protection against moisture, light, and oxygen.

Transofoil™ Lightweight Barrier Material

Transofoil™ material offers superior barrier protection in a tough, lightweight pack.

Transofoil™ material offers superior barrier protection in a tough, lightweight pack.

Transobond Multilayer Laminate Pouch Material

Transobond is an advanced multi-layer laminate for demanding pouch applications. 

Available in low to high-barrier options, Transobond is an advanced, multilayered laminate material for demanding pouch applications.

Transoflow Pouch and Flowpack Laminates  

A range of sealing layers from cost-effective orientated polypropylene (OPP) to high-performance polyethylene (PE) ensures efficient packaging of many different applications on high-speed machines. 

Transoflow pouch and flowpack laminates suitable for high-speed machines.