The world’s leading brands rely on our paperboard for its exacting standards and unique fiber blends.

With production processes that deliver excellent performance, transportation durability, and enhanced shelf presence, our paperboards are perfect for all applications including food, beverage, foodservice, healthcare, beauty, and other consumer goods.

Our paperboard manufacturing operations are a vital part of our integrated supply chain, helping to deliver consistently high-quality virgin and recycled paperboard for our consumer packaging. Being close to our customers allows us to respond proactively to changing market demands, ensuring we continue to deliver innovative paperboards that meet their needs.

Delivering coated unbleached kraft (CUK), coated recycled board (CRB), solid bleached sulfate (SBS), and more, to food, beverage, foodservice, and other sectors.

Paperboard Portfolio

A portfolio of unbleached, bleached and recycled paperboards. We deliver the right paperboard for virtually every carton application including food, beverage, foodservice, healthcare, beauty, and other consumer products.  

Recycled Paperboard

Made from 100 percent recycled fiber, our recycled paperboard is lightweight and ideal for most consumer product folding carton applications. With a printing surface engineered to deliver excellent print results and a cleaner running press, it provides an excellent surface for high-quality graphics.

To support brands and retailers in their sustainability initiatives, we have prioritized significant investment in recycled paperboard.

Leveraging industry-leading investments, we are boosting capacity and technical capability in recycled paperboard production to provide more for our customers, and ultimately consumers, with paperboard packaging with recycled content, enabling them to contribute to a more circular economy.

Recycled paperboard is also known as coated recycled board (CRB).

Roll of coated recycled paperboard (CRB)

Unbleached Paperboard

Made with a blend of wood-based and recycled fibers, our unbleached paperboard is an ideal solution for a variety of applications. Multiple layers of coating provide a clean, smooth top surface for printing high-quality graphics with a natural brown back.  

Offering excellent strength and durability with advanced resistance to tears, punctures, and corner crushes, unbleached paperboard is perfect for beverage and frozen food applications.

Unbleached paperboard is also known as coated unbleached kraft (CUK) or solid unbleached sulfate (SUS™).

Roll of coated unbleached kraft (CUK) paperboard

Bleached Paperboard

Made from responsibly sourced, renewable virgin wood fibers, our bleached paperboard offers a wide scope for advanced structural and surface designs. With a clean blue-white shade and a superior printing surface for enhanced graphics, bleached paperboard is ideal for high-end applications that require greater shelf appeal and visual impact.

Due to their long and strong fibers, virgin paperboard is ideal for meeting specific packaging performance requirements and health and safety guidelines for certain applications, including aroma and flavor-sensitive items such as food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. 

Virgin fiber inputs are also an integral element in the fiber cycle, needed to sustain the fiber recycling loop by providing fresh material inputs to replace fiber losses. 

Bleached paperboard is also known as solid bleached sulfate (SBS).

Roll of solid bleached sulfate SBS paperboard