Bleached Paperboard 

Our Fortress™ and Everest™ bleached paperboards are made from 100 percent wood-based fiber, with bright, white surfaces that deliver excellent print performance. 

Ideal for high-end applications that require outstanding visual impact, bleached paperboard offers a wide scope for advanced structural and graphic design.  

Ideal for packaging a wide range of food, foodservice, beverage, healthcare, beauty, and personal care applications.

Bleached paperboard is also know as solid bleached sulfate or SBS.

Bleached Paperboard 

Product Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Bleached paperboard is made from renewable wood-based fiber from sustainably managed forests
  • Paperboard cartons are generally viewed as being widely recycled with >90% of U.S. communities having access to recycling for non-poly-coated paperboard and 60% of communities having access to recycling for poly-coated paperboard (American Forest and Paperboard Association’s Access to Recycling Study 2021)
  • We use up to 65% renewable biomass energy in the manufacturing of our products
Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency
  • Carefully monitored board production and testing ensures that our bleached paperboard will run consistently well in all of your printing and converting operations such as sheeting, die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, folding, and gluing 
Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand & Marketing
  • With a clean blue-white shade, printed graphics will be vibrant and crisp, resulting in packaging with maximum shelf appeal  
  • Our bleached paperboard is double clay coated on one side for a superior printing surface that delivers excellent print results and a cleaner running press 
Fiber Procurement and Chain of Custody
  • Graphic Packaging International is compliant with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Chain of Custody forest certification standards


Bleached Paperboards

Ideal for high-end applications that require outstanding visual impact, our portfolio includes Fortress™ and Everest™. 

Everest™ Folding Carton Board

Everest™ folding carton board meets your most demanding needs for high-end printing and carton forming applications. It provides a high level of versatility and performance, delivering excellent print results and a cleaner running press. 

Everest™ Coated Liner

Everest™ coated liner offers the exceptional printability of folding carton board with the strength of corrugated packaging. Everest coated liner provides increased shelf appeal by extending your brand image to corrugated packaging. 

Everest™ Solid Bleached Sulfate Coated Liner

Fortress™ PE Folding Carton Board

Fortress™ PE is a double clay-coated paperboard that provides superior package integrity by withstanding fluctuations in temperature and moisture levels. Available in a range of grades and variety of extruded coating weights, Fortress PE folding carton paperboard is suitable for applications including frozen and dry foods, bakery, and consumer products. 

Fortress™ PET Ovenable Paperboard

Fortress™ PET ovenable paperboard is designed for frozen food applications that will be oven-baked or microwaved by the consumer. Its special coating performs over a wide temperature range, from below freezing to 400°F. 

Designed for frozen food primary packaging that will be baked or microwaved, Fortress™ PET ovenable board performs from below freezing to 400°F.

Fortress™ Cupstock

Fortress™ Cupstock is designed to make a great impression from the first look to the last drop. The durable liquid barrier, impeccable sealing properties, exceptional material purity and stunning attractiveness combine to lift your cups beyond the limits of a simple container to the level of brand builder. 


Packaging Finishes and Enhancements

Tactile Packaging Effects
Tactile Packaging Effects

Engage a consumer’s sense of touch with tactile packaging effects that help to differentiate your product and enhance the consumer’s experience. 

Hot Foil Stamping Effects and Designs
Hot Foil Stamping

Create differentiation by highlighting selected design elements with hot foil stamping. 

3D Lens Effects and Designs
3D Lens Effects

3D lens technology allows you to integrate lenses into your packaging design to create realistic 3D effects.

Complex Gluing
Complex Gluing Solutions for Packaging

Complex gluing applications can transform a flat blank into an attractive and innovative structure, helping to create on-shelf differentiation.

Our shaped cartons offer innovative structural designs to help your product stand out on the retail shelf or to support your seasonal and promotional activities.
Shaped Cartons

Our shaped cartons employ attractive structural designs and stunning print effects to create differentiation, premiumization, and consumer engagement.