ecotainer™ Food Containers 

ecotainer™ food containers are made from paper, which is made from plant-based fiber from sustainably managed forests, with a PLA biopolymer coating from Ingeo®. The lids are made from the PLA biopolymer. The range is commercially compostable where facilities exist, with ASTM and BPI certifications for compostability, so it’s an excellent choice where this is a requirement, often the case in universities and businesses. 

ecotainer food containers are available in a stock design or can be custom printed with a company logo or design.  

ecotainer products decrease our reliance on fossil-based coatings and meet Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standards, ensuring that the fiber used comes from sustainably managed forests.  

*Compostable in most commercial composting facilities – please check with your local municipality for acceptance or visit to find a composting facility in North America. 

ecotainer™ Food Containers 

This product may not be available in your region. Please contact us for more information.

ecotainer Food Container Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Containers are made from paper with a PLA biopolymer coating. Lids are made from PLA biopolymer 
  • Complies with ASTM standards for compostability 
  • Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI®)
  • Meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standards, ensuring that the fiber used comes from sustainably managed forests
  • Reduces dependence on fossil-fuel-based coatings
Operational Efficiency
  • Easy drop-in solution where operators need to move from standard to compostable containers in compliance markets/areas 
  • FDA compliant
Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand & Marketing
  • Custom printing of logo and/or design 
  • Promote the use of commercially compostable certified packaging with consumers 
Consumer Experience
  • ecotainer containers and PLA lids can be commercially composted together without separating, where facilities exist 
  • This product is recyclable only in the few communities that have appropriate recycling programs 
  • Products are designed to fit together for an easy, functional experience for both the consumer and operator 

ecotainer Food Container Specifications

  • Sizes from 8oz – 32oz
  • Custom printing of brand or design or stock design (ecotainer leaf) 
  • PLA flat lids in Navajo White 
  • Work with either hot or cold foods
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ecotainer Food Container Applications

To-Go Beverages
Quick Service Restaurants
Quick Service Restaurants
Convenience Stores
Business and Industry
Business and Industry
Convenience Stores

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