Food Buckets

Our food buckets are ideal for meal items that require a larger top opening for easier sharing. Short buckets are ideal for larger meals or family-style sides. Standard buckets are perfect for items like fried chicken. 

Our buckets have a grease-resistant barrier on the inside and outside and are sturdy enough to hold heavier foods that are hot or cold.  

Both clear dome lids and flat paper lids are available in most sizes. 

Food Buckets


Sustainability Benefits
  • Meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) standards, ensuring that the fiber used comes from sustainably managed forests 
  • Can be recycled only in the few communities that accept paper food containers 
Operational Efficiency
  • Can be used for hot or cold foods, streamlining your operations and minimizing the number of SKUs needed 
  • Stackable in sleeves, making it easy to load into a dispenser or place on a counter 
Brand & Marketing
  • Can be custom printed with your brand or message 
Consumer Experience
  • Lid keeps contents secure inside the bucket 
  • Stackable with the lid on to easily carry multiple containers 
  • Stacking design for easy handling and efficient storage and transport 


Standard Buckets
  • Sizes range from 85oz – 170oz 
  • Stock design or custom printing is available 
  • Paper lids are available in all sizes. Clear dome lid is available for select sizes 
  • Can hold a variety of larger items such as chicken pieces 
  • Coating on the inside and outside of bucket 
Short Buckets
  • Sizes range from 16oz – 54oz 
  • White or custom printing is available 
  • Clear dome options are available for all sizes; flat and paper lids are available for select sizes 
  • Can hold a variety of items, from a chilled salad to hot macaroni & cheese 
  • Coating on the inside and outside of the bucket 

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