EnviroClip™ Duo Clip-Style Multipack Carton

EnviroClip™ Duo is a clip-style multipack solution suitable for multipacks of glass and plastic bottles and jars, that uses the minimum amount of paperboard as an alternative to shrink film and flexible and rigid plastic rings.

The design is customized to accommodate the type and weight of container, ensuring the pack performs through the supply chain.

EnviroClip Duo offers real operational flexibility, with equipment options ranging from manual to fully automated. The solution is offered as a standard or a pre-glued clip to accommodate all packaging operations.

Convenient for the consumer, as the pack is comfortable to carry, the containers are easily dispensed, and the pack is recyclable after use.

EnviroClip™ Duo Clip-Style Multipack Carton
EnviroClip Duo – Handle
  • Supports a variety of plastic bottles and containers
  • Application is compatible with low and mid-speed machinery, and is designed with a small machine footprint
EnviroClip Duo – Beam
  • Can support multiple containers including glass and plastic at various large weights
  • Machinery can run at a range of speeds, from manual application to high-speed automation

EnviroClip Duo Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Paperboard construction made from renewable plant-based fiber from sustainably managed forests 
  • Recyclable in household waste streams 
  • Uses the least amount of paperboard compared to other multipack formats 
Operational Efficiency
  • Works for multiple container types across the beverage, food, healthcare and personal care sectors 
  • Supports glass and plastic bottles and jars in various formats 
  • Offered in a standard or pre-glued format 
  • Machinery has a small footprint, and can run at a range of speeds, from manual application to high-speed automation 
Consumer Experience
  • Easy and comfortable for the consumer to carry and use 
  • High quality printing ensures the pack stands out on the shelf 
  • The pack is easy to recycle after use 

EnviroClip Duo Applications

Coffee and tea
Personal care

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