Pressed Board Trays and Bowls

Pressed board trays and bowls provide consumers with an economical, more sustainable alternative to CPET and PE plastic trays.

The broad range provides functional and market-focused enhancements, including single and multi-compartment designs, microwave-active materials, rolled rim availability on certain structures, and interior/exterior print capabilities.

Pressed board trays are often found in the freezer aisle inside a highly branded carton, making this a winning fiber-based combination. This product line is also great to use for chilled foods that do not require cooking in the tray.

With our inline printing capabilities, we deliver the ability to distinguish your brand. Pressed board trays are ideal for pizza, snacks, entrees, pot pies, side dishes, and more.

Pressed Board Trays and Bowls

Pressed Board Tray and Bowl Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Fiber-based alternative to CPET and PE (polypropylene) plastic trays 
Operational Efficiency
  • Blank and web-fed forming 
  • Runs easily on filling lines 
Brand & Marketing
  • Inline printing capabilities 
  • Flexographic print capability – inside one color and outside two colors plus coating 
Consumer Experience
  • Easy to use – place directly into the microwave or oven to cook 
  • No extra dishes needed to warm the food
  • Ideal for frozen or chilled foods 

Pressed Board Tray and Bowl Applications

  • Concessions 
  • Convenience store 
  • Frozen foods 
  • Snacks 
  • Ready-to-eat meals 
  • Prepared foods 
Pressed board trays and bowls provide an alternative to CPET and PE plastic trays and are ideal for frozen and fresh food applications such as ready-to-cook meals.

Pressed Board Tray and Bowl Specifications

  • PET-laminated for barrier performance 
  • Round, square, and rectangular shape options 
  • Multiple depth options  
  • One or two compartments 
Crisping Technology
  • Inside liner can include MicroRite™ warming technology or Qwik Crisp™ browning and crisping susceptor technology 
  • Microwavable and ovenable 

Hormel Pressed Trays Deliver On-The-Go Convenience

Hormel launched its Black Label Oven-Baked Egg Bites in our new dual-compartment microwavable pressed
board trays, allowing for on-the-go convenience in just 60 seconds,