Qwik Crisp™ Susceptor Film

Qwik Crisp™ is a susceptor film that’s engineered to be used with cartons, sleeves, discs, and trays where microwave browning and crisping of bread and dough-based products is required.

Custom susceptor patterns can be created to meet specific product requirements, with placement on areas where browning and crisping is needed most for an enjoyable snack, appetizer, pizza, pie, or sandwich.

Qwik Crisp can be used in both the microwave and in a conventional oven.

Qwik Crisp™ Susceptor Film

Qwik Crisp Benefits

Operational Efficiency

Can be built into trays, bowls, folding cartons, sleeves and discs – no additional packaging is required. 
Material easily attaches to paperboard, trays, or bowls. 

Brand & Marketing

Printing on the outside folding carton or non-susceptor side delivers a retail-ready product that’s easily identifiable by consumers when shopping for a quick meal.

Consumer Experience

Produces deliciously crisp results in the microwave or conventional oven. 

Product Applications

Ready-to-Eat Meals
Frozen Foods