QuiltWave™ Flexible Susceptor Film

QuiltWave™ is a flexible, lightweight, printed susceptor film that delivers browning and crisping performance in the microwave for irregularly shaped food. It is engineered with cells that expand when exposed to microwave energy to provide intimate contact with food, driving away moisture and creating maximum browning and crisping.

QuiltWave can also be used as patch material in cartons or trays and is heat sealable as roll stock for vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal (VFFS/HFFS) applications.

Suitable for use with up to six-color flexographic printing, it is ideal for snacks, appetizers, sandwiches, and other grab-and-go foods.

FDA, CFIA, and EU compliant for reconstituting frozen and chilled foods in microwave and conventional ovens. 

QuiltWave™ Flexible Susceptor Film

QuiltWave Benefits

Operational Efficiency
  • Can be heat sealed at a rate of 100 pouches per minute at 450˚F
Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand & Marketing
  • The range provides moisture and grease resistance with an exceptional print surface, allowing for high-impact graphics and up to six color flexographic printing
  • Printing on the outside allows a retail-ready product that’s easily identifiable by consumers when shopping for a quick handheld meal
Consumer Experience Benefits
Consumer Experience
  • Delivers excellent microwave heating performance
  • Suitable for cooking in a microwave or traditional oven

QuiltWave Product Applications

Frozen and Chilled Foods
Prepared Foods
Read-to-Eat Meals