EnviroTop™ Shrink Film Replacement for Tray Multipacks

EnviroTop™ is a highly versatile fiber-based packaging solution that enables the replacement of plastic shrink film on multipacks of cans, jars, and bottles in corrugated trays. 

Working with either your existing corrugated tray or our printed paperboard tray solution, EnviroTop provides a great opportunity for high-impact branding and enhanced on-shelf impact. 

EnviroTop also offers operational flexibility by allowing the removal of shrink tunnel equipment, replacing it with a small-footprint machine. 

EnviroTop™ Shrink Film Replacement for Tray Multipacks

EnviroTop Benefits

  • Paperboard construction, made from renewable plant-based fiber from sustainably managed forests 
  • Easily recyclable through household paper-based waste streams 
  • Eliminates plastic shrink film from the supply chain, supporting the achievement of sustainability goals 
Operational Efficiency
  • Ideal for multiple container types across the beverage, food, healthcare, and personal care sectors 
  • Accommodates cans, jars, and bottles in a range of configurations from six-packs to 24-packs 
  • Small-footprint machine 
  • Fully integrated machine and carton solution 
Consumer Experience
  • Safe and secure pack 
  • High-quality graphics achieve impactful branding on the retail shelf 
  • Provides on-shelf differentiation next to traditional shrink-film-wrapped trays