HiLite™ Polyester-Based Material for Thermoformed Applications

HiLite™ is a high-clarity polyester-based material that is easy to thermoform.  

Available as mono PET or with PE sealing, and with the possibility of incorporating high amounts of post-consumer recycled (PCR) material without compromising food safety.  

It runs well on existing FFS lines and is ideal for a wide range of applications, such as meat, cheese, fish, produce, blister packaging, and industrial products. 

HiLite is available in high and medium-barrier versions to optimize product quality and shelf life. It is fully compatible with selected lidding materials, offers attractive pack solutions, and includes different sealing versions to ensure superior sealing performance and product safety. Colored versions are available for further product differentiation. 

HiLite™ Polyester-Based Material for Thermoformed Applications

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HiLite Benefits

Sustainability Benefits

Both mono PET versions and PE-sealing alternatives contain up to 50% recycled PET (rPET)  

Consumer Experience Benefits
Consumer Experience

Attractive product presentation and high protection 

Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand and Marketing

Excellent clarity for attractive product presentation  

Convenience Benefits

Options of easy-peel opening 

HiLite Specifications


From 60–700μm (80-950 g/m2) 

Thermoforming Temperature


HiLite Product Applications

Fresh and Processed Meats
Prepared Foods
Chilled Foods
Sliced Meats and Cheeses
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables