A high-speed, compact packaging machine developed from a combination of the Marksman™ X5 wrap system and the AutoFlex™ 1500HS basket system, AutoMaxx™ can produce both wraps and basket carriers. It is suitable for a range of glass and PET plastic bottles and aluminum cans in various configurations, including over-the-crown and neck-through wraps, as well as open, neck-through, and fully enclosed baskets. 

It is a fully servo-driven machine split into three zones: the common product zone, the wrap zone, and the basket zone. When either the wrap or basket zone is running, the other pack zone is parked. 

Highly efficient and with fewer parts, AutoMaxx simplifies and reduces maintenance. Changeover is tool-free, improving operations and enabling a changeover time of just 15-30 minutes.


AutoMaxx Benefits

Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency

Robust construction 

  • Heavy-duty tubular steel frame with corrosion-resistant coatings and materials 
  • Clear visibility and sliding guard doors for easy walk-in access. 

More production, less maintenance 

  • Few parts, adjustments, chains, drive points 
  • Simple timing 
  • Improved accessibility and better carton control from the feeder to the discharge.

Easy changeover 

  • Quick, simple, and repeatable changeovers 
  • IQ tablet with changeover checklist with videos and complete parts manual 

Predictive maintenance program

  • We can manage your machine’s maintenance with our market-proven PMP program that helps plan downtime, enable better budgeting, and improve partnerships. 

See AutoMaxx in Action

A high-speed, compact packaging machine developed from a combination of the Marksman™ X5 wrap system and the AutoFlex™ 1500HS basket system, AutoMaxx can produce both wraps and basket carriers.

AutoMaxx Specifications



  • Pitch 10″ – 250 ppm Sustained and 300 ppm Surge 
  • Pitch 20″ – 120 ppm Sustained and 140 ppm Surge 


  • Pitch 10″ – 220 ppm Sustained and 240 ppm Surge 
Electrical and Air Requirements
Electrical and Air Requirements
  • 400/460 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • 80psi – 30CFM
  • 6 bar – 51 m3/H
Primary Containers and Pack Configurations
  • Glass and PET bottles and aluminum cans 
  • 1×2, 1×3, 1×4, 1×5, 1×6 
  • 2×2, 2×3, 2×4, 2×5, 2×6 

AutoMaxx Features

Standard Features
  • Corrosion-resistant components and heavy-duty welded tubular painted steel frame
  • Full height, clear sliding guard doors providing easy walk-in access to the machine for changeover and maintenance
  • 10ft (3m) laned product infeed conveyor
  • Starwheels and planetary selector
  • 18ft (5.5m) low level basket magazine – 1,600 basket capacity
  • 10ft (3m) wrap magazine – 5,500 wrap capacity
  • Vertical basket chutes with bottom lug basket feed system
  • Segment wheel feeder for wraps
  • Basket repitching system to achieve high pack throughput at reduced speeds
  • GPI standard lock
  • IQ Tablet with changeover checklist with videos and complete parts manual
  • Automatic Prime and clean out features
  • Venturi vacuum generator
  • Integrated turn/divide/reject system
  • Automatic oil system with low level alarm
Optional Features
  • Lock inspection with or without pack reject
  • Low-level wrap feeder (LLF) for ergonomic magazine loading
  • Dynamic handler pusher
  • Tab locker
  • Automatic basket decaser option
Basket Carrier Multipack Folding Carton for Bottled Beverages

AutoMaxx Applications

Applications Include:
  • Beer 
  • Craft beer 
  • Carbonated soft drinks 
  • Water and sports nutrition 
  • Coffee and tea 
  • Wine 
Wrap-Style Multipack Folding Cartons for Food and Beverage

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