The FlexSleeve™ is a flexible, intermittent motion or continuous motion packaging system designed for wrapping or sleeving products with a paperboard wrap. The FlexSleeve™ is designed to wrap or sleeve trays, cups, or containers.


Accommodates a variety of wrap closures: mechanical lock, hot melt glue or pre-glued sleeves
Continuous or Intermittent Motion System
Main flight system pitched to suit individual product and pack format applications

FlexSleeve™ Specifications

Machine Features

• Continuous or intermittent motion packaging system
• Brand and wrap design flexibility
• Customized package designs with minimal board usage
• Accommodates a variety of wrap closures: mechanical, lock, hot melt glue, or pre-glued sleeves
• Main flight system pitched to suit individual product and pack format applications
• Positive product transport and control


• Speed is dependent upon product size and characteristics

Product Configuration

• Single or dual lane

Machine Models

• Standard: Single or dual Lane

Electrical and Air Requirements

• Control Voltage: 24 VDC
• Supply Voltage: 460 VAC, Three Phase
• Nema 12 rated
• CFM dependent on vacuum system specified
• 80 psi clean/dry air supply required (equivalent to class 3 or better)


Yogurt Cup Sleever

This continuous motion sleever wraps four cups in a 2×2 pattern with a paperboard wrap at 300 cups per minute with glue closure.

Tub and Lid Collator Sleever

This intermittent motion sleever collates round and rectangular products into a stack prior to loading into pre-glued paperboard sleeves at 15 packs per minute.

Robotic Sleever and Case Packing System

This custom sleever places and folds paperboard wraps around clothes hangers with robotic case packing at up to 15 packs per minute.

Continuous Motion Meat Tray Sleever

This sleever wraps a paperboard wrap around foam meat trays with glue closure at 170 placements per minute.