Robotic Hang Tag Applicator Machine

A flexible, robotic neck or hang tag applicator for bottles that can accommodate various types and shapes. It can be a standalone solution or integrated into your current production line. 

The machine can apply various types and shapes of tag, including paper, paperboard, and plastic. 

Convenience benefits include clear visibility and guarding to provide easy access to the machine. 

Finishes, enhancements, and capabilities include two construction grades to match application needs.

Robotic Hang Tag Applicator Machine

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Robotic Hang Tag Applicator Machine Specifications

  • Up to 150 tags per minute with multiple pick heads
Product Configuration
  • Hang tags: paper, paperboard, plastic
  • Hang tag shapes: round, rectangular, shaped, and cone 
  • Single source of machine and hang tags 
Machine Models
Machine Model
  • Custom to suit application
Electrical and Air Requirements
Electrical and Air Requirements
  • Control voltage: 24 VDC 
  • Supply voltage: 220 or 480 VAC 
  • CFM dependent on vacuum system specified 
  • 80 psi clean/dry air supply required (equivalent to class 3 or better)

Robotic Hang Tag Applicator Machine Features

Standard Features
  • Multiple variations to suit the application 
  • Servo-drive and encoder for timing screws for multiple bottle control 
  • Casters for mobility and adjustable foot pads 
  • Product positioning: timing screw 
  • HMI station 
Optional Features
  • Quick-change magazine and vacuum stem assemblies for quick, repeatable changeovers 
  • Product positioning: electronic tracking and/or integrated conveyors for product control for single bottles 
  • Affix tag to the product with hot melt glue applicators 
  • Tag folding mechanism with compression 
  • Line controls to meet customer needs 
  • Pass-through capability 
  • Low magazine or missed item signal options 
  • Light tower functionality: E-stop, run, high discharge or low infeed 
  • Drive: servo drive for timing screws and/or integrated conveyor 

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