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Packaging Solutions for a Better Tomorrow.

At Graphic Packaging, we believe in the transformative power packaging can have on the consumer experience. By combining innovative thinking with Design for the Environment practices, we’re able to work together with our customers to create products that positively impact the everyday lives of consumers.

The Right Package Makes All the Difference

Finding the right packaging solution for your product is crucial to your success and your consumers’ experience. See all the ways we help to do that.

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A view showcasing to-go packaging, including Econopaxx and hot cups, lids, and accessories
A view showcasing beverage multipacks, including basket carriers, fully enclosed, and clip multipacks, while a group of friends are cheering
A family of four is cooking, using various Graphic Packaging's products, including PaperSeal tray, ProducePack, and more.


Everyday Convenience, Done Better

Our innovative product designs are changing the way everyday items are consumed.

KeelClip™ Clip-Style Multipack Folding Carton for Cans
Minimal Material Clip-Style Cartons

KeelClip™ not only replaces plastic rings, tops, and shrink film, but offers merchandising benefits that other similar beverage packaging can’t.

Boardio™ Fiber-Based Canister Packaging
Versatile Paperboard Canisters

Delivering creative shapes, convenient functional features, and tailored low to high-barrier protection, our Boardio™ product offers an alternative to plastic tubs, glass jars, and metal containers.

PaperSeal™ Shape Tray for Ready-to-Eat Food
Paperboard Alternatives to Plastic Trays

Our PaperSeal™ tray portfolio offers brands and retailers the opportunity to replace high-barrier, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP), and other plastic trays with a barrier-lined paperboard alternative.

ProducePack™ Punnet Fiber-Based Top-Sealed Produce Packaging
Paperboard Packaging for Fresh Produce

Covering a wide range of fresh produce applications, our ProducePackTM Punnet trays deliver an effective, recyclable alternative to traditional PP and APET trays for retailers and producers.

The Finishing Touch

Not all packaging solutions are created equal. At Graphic Packaging, we provide countless finishes and enhancements that can turn the most basic packaging into one that stands out among others on the shelf. See how we can bring that extra touch to your product.

Find your finishing touch

Your Go-To Machinery Experts

Machinery needs are complicated. But our extensive understanding of your machinery needs can help simplify them. From automation to worker safety to reducing downtime and more, we work with you to make sure your machinery needs are handled.

ClipCombo™ Clip-Style Multipack Machine

Welcome to Our Material World

When it comes to materials, it’s no secret we love paperboard. But it’s far from the only material we create and work with at Graphic Packaging. From lidding films to barrier papers and more, see how we use the right materials for the right job.

Welcome to our material world


We Want To Hear From You

Have an idea, goal, or problem to solve? We’re ready to work with you to get it done.

Discover Our Latest Solutions

Discover some of the innovative packaging solutions we have helped develop to solve specific challenges for our customers.

EnviroTop™ is a fiber-based packaging solution that enables the replacement of plastic shrink film on multipacks of cans, jars, and bottles in corrugated trays.
EnviroTop™ Shrink Film Replacement for Tray Multipacks

EnviroTop™ is a highly versatile fiber-based packaging solution that enables the replacement of plastic shrink film on multipacks of cans, jars, and bottles in corrugated trays.

Cold&Go Cold Cup
Cold&Go™ Insulated Paper Cold Cups 

Cold&Go™ insulated paper cold cups use ThermaShield™ technology to provide a versatile solution for cold on-the-go beverages that delivers excellent insulating performance, keeping your beverage cold while your hands stay dry and warm. 

EnviroClip™ Duo for Multipacks of Plastic and Glass Bottles and Jars
EnviroClip™ Duo Clip-Style Multipack Carton

EnviroClip™ Duo is a clip-style multipack solution for multipacks of glass and plastic bottles and jars.