Cold&Go™ Insulated Paper Cold Cups 

Part of our Hold&Go™ portfolio of insulated products, the Cold&Go™ cold cup uses ThermaShield™ technology to provide a versatile solution for cold on-the-go beverages.

Cold&Go cups are ideal for operators looking for a high-quality printed cup that doesn’t sacrifice speed of service, while also providing a better experience for consumers when handling the cup. 

Cold&Go cups have excellent insulation properties that keep the cold beverage at the right temperature and consistency for longer periods. The built-in outer sleeve helps control condensation and provides greater rigidity, making the cup easier for consumers to hold while enjoying their drink. 

Cold&Go™ Insulated Paper Cold Cups 

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Cold&Go Insulated Paper Cold Cup Benefits

Sustainability Benefits
  • Meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standards, ensuring that the fiber used comes from sustainably managed forests  
  • Recyclable only in the few communities that have the appropriate recycling facilities 
Operational Efficiency
  • Improved lid fit and performance 
  • Double-wall design eliminates the need to double cup or add a sleeve, improving beverage service speed  
  • Common lids for 12oz-24oz sizes 
  • FDA compliant 
Brand & Marketing
  • Custom printing of logo and/or design 
Consumer Experience
  • Premium look and feel  
  • Improved consumption experience 
  • Insulating air gaps help the beverage stay cold 
  • Choice of sipper dome or lock-back style lids, depending on operator needs 
  • Products are designed to fit together for an easy, functional experience for both the consumer and operator 

Cold&Go Insulated Paper Cold Cup Features

  • Available in Carte Blanc or custom-printed design 
  • Built-in insulated sleeve
  • Good rigidity  
  • Glue beads applied using proprietary ThermaShield technology 
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Cold&Go Insulated Paper Cold Cup Applications

To Go
To-Go Beverages
Quick Service Restaurants
Quick Service Restaurants
Convenience Stores
Business and Industry
Business and Industry
Convenience Stores

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