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Our holistic, design-thinking approach allows us to work closely with you to challenge the what ifs and what could bes—bringing innovation to the market at speed and in a manner that will enable your success while also benefiting your consumers.

Delivering Real World Results

Innovation is only helpful if it works for your business long-term. We strive to create unprecedented solutions that solve today’s real-life problems and pave the way for tomorrow’s biggest opportunities—in a feasible, cost-effective way.

A person holding a Cap-It multipack plastic bottles solution

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

We believe in the power and potential of paperboard, and let it fuel our never-ending pursuit of newer, better packaging solutions.

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Together We Make a Difference

No idea is too small to have an impact. We work closely with our customers to transform seemingly simple ideas into viable solutions for people and planet.

Innovation at Graphic Packaging

Shaping the World Around Us

Our paperboard consumer packaging solutions have been utilized by countless brands across the globe. Each product we create is the culmination of innovative thinking and dedication to creating a more sustainable world.

Innovating with Graphic Packaging


From Ideation to Commercialization

We continuously optimize the innovation process to bring consumer packaging solutions to life faster and more efficiently—following a global framework. It starts with the consumer and market insights. Our designers begin with the end in mind. They consider not just the consumer experience but Design for the Environment (DfE) principles, the supply chain, operational demands of high-volume production, and the machinery design and deployment.

Cutting Single-Use Plastic with Rhug Estate Organic Farm

Rhug Estate Organic Farm partnered with Graphic Packaging to transition to recyclable packaging for its organic fresh meat range. The results were an elevated customer experience, reduced environmental impact, and increased overall performance.

“We are committed to producing sustainable products across our territories that eliminate waste and develop a circular economy. We know that the most valuable change to reduce plastic waste occurs when bottlers and packaging producers work together in partnership, and we look forward to partnering with Graphic Packaging on this sustainable packaging for years to come.”

Paul Mulligan

Co-Owner, Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages

Paul Mullican, Liberty Coca Cola Beverages


The Next Big Idea Could Start with You

Real-life examples lead to real solutions. Tell us about a problem you want to solve or a product you want to create, and let’s get to work.