Innovative Packaging Starts Here

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. But innovative packaging isn’t created overnight. It’s a long, thoughtful process that begins with analyzing consumer trends and pushing the limits of what we are capable of. That spark of what could be possible is what ultimately leads to packaging that can make a world of difference.

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A Spark is All It Takes

Every game-changing idea starts somewhere. Whether big or small, we welcome the challenge that comes with innovative thinking. Because the challenge is what ultimately leads to bigger and better things for your consumers and our planet. Together there is nothing we can’t do as we strive to make a world of difference.

Tomatoes in ProducePack Punnet tray

Moving On From Plastic 

Did you know that only 18% of plastic is recycled globally vs 68% of paperboard packaging*? Let’s reduce plastic and create more opportunities with paperboard. We know paper can’t do everything. But we want to know what it can do more of. We’re here to find out.

*Figures from the United States Environmental Protection Agency

PaperSeal tray fiber-based packaging

Building on Emerging Technologies 

Making impacts and advancements in solutions that can help replace or reduce plastic requires invention and technological development. We seek to identify areas where plastic is needed and where it isn’t. We find replacement applications through science and R&D. In partnering with organizations such as 4Evergreen, we are able to increase the speed to market, lower risk, and enhance our capabilities. 

PaperSeal tray fiber-based packaging for cheese.

Enhancing Packaging Experience 

Packaging is the first experience a consumer has with a product. Creating optimal experiences helps bring brands to life. Easy to open. Comfortable to carry. Exciting structural design and graphics. These are just some of the benefits we can deliver to create better experiences for your consumers. But don’t stop there. Print enhancements like metallic finishes, 3D effects, and augmented reality can create great engagement.

KeelClip fiber-based packaging for cans

Time Is Money

Reducing both are important factors in innovation. Our automation capabilities enable new packaging technology that reduces costs and supports sustainability goals. From manufacturing the paperboard, structural and graphic design, and running it on one of our machines, we help you streamline operations and gain maximum flexibility with fully integrated systems. Looking to move from plastic to paperboard packaging? We design packaging that can run on existing machinery wherever possible.

Security enabled, fiber based packaging

The Latest in Product Design

For many brands, ensuring a product is tamper-proof and authentic are critical features. And it’s important to always stay one step ahead. Staying on top of technology and research is crucial to ensure the safety of the product and the well-being of your consumers. We offer a range of solutions for child-proof and tamper-evident packaging, together with print enhancements that can deter counterfeiters.  

Royal House Coffee Moves to a More Sustainable Hot Cup Solution to Elevate Their Commitment to the Environment

Our Hold&Go™ post-consumer recycled fiber (PCF) insulated paper hot cups use Thermashield™ technology to provide a versatile solution for on-the-go beverages.


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