eBook – Making the Transition to Fiber-Based Multipacks: Intersection of Performance, Convenience, & Sustainability in a Circular Economy

Making the Transition to Fiber-Based Beverage Multipacks eBookAmidst growing environmental concerns, consumer perceptions of plastic packaging are rapidly evolving as environmentally conscious consumers pay more attention to the materials that encase the products they buy. The impact of packaging waste is also driving stricter regulations around the globe, as governments and industries enact initiatives to reduce dependence on single-use plastics in favor of more sustainable alternatives.

Beverage companies, in particular, can meet these expectations head-on by exploring the benefits of fiber-based multipacks as a viable alternative to plastic rings and wraps.

In this eBook, we  explain how to make the transition seamless and cover the following topics:

  • Environmental benefits of fiber
  • How paperboard can fit for purpose
  • See how brands are adopting innovative paperboard multipacks
  • How to future-proof your multipacks with fiber

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