Estrella Damm Moves to Paper-Based Packaging

Damm Brewery Rounded Carton

Estrella Damm Brewery in Barcelona Launches a Sustainable, Plastic-free Carton with Unique Rounded Corners and an Easy Access Opening Feature

Graphic Packaging International’s fiber-based technology supports Estrella Damm’s plastic replacement initiative by designing and developing a 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable paperboard carton that provides significant sustainability improvement for the brand, and for the planet.

  • Eye-catching & Functional Design
    On-shelf distinction as a premium and eco-friendly brand
  • Plastic Replacement
    Improve brand sustainability by eliminating plastic shrink wrap
  • Machinery
    New package design ensures operational efficiency
  • Rounded Corner Multipack
    Provides on-shelf differentiation, conveys brand premiumization and protects the product
  • 18pt AquaKote™
    Paperboard packaging is 100% recyclable and naturally biodegradable
  • QuikFlex™2100G3
    Industry-proven machinery systems for 6, 12 and 24-pack configurations
  • Functional paperboard carton with rounded corners and a range of opening options, disrupts the multipack aisle
  • Paperboard beverage packaging supports sustainability initiatives and enhances brand presence on retail shelf
  • Reliable machine systems pack cartons in multiple counts and formats allowing for flexibility

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Damm Brewery Rounded Carton