Fileni Fiber-Based Trays for Meat

Fileni transitions meat packs to fiber-based alternative, reducing plastic usage by 80-90%

Italian meat producer, Fileni, is a leading national player in the organically reared white and red meat sector. As part of its ethos, the company aims to lessen its impact on nature and the environment by making responsible and conscious choices. As such, Fileni partnered with Graphic Packaging and Italian lining partner, GB Bernucci to replace existing plastic packaging on its Bio range with the recyclable, fiber-based, PaperSeal® tray.

  • Circularity
    Create a fiber-based solution that
    is sustainable and circular, without
    compromising on freshness
  • Premiumization
    Elevate the top-tier Bio range
    through high-quality design and
  • Differentiation
    Command in-store attention
    and communicate brand colors,
    while matching convenience and
    functionality of the previous tray
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
    PaperSeal® tray solution
    A PE /EVOH/PE barrier-lined, virgin
    fiber tray that is PEFC certified.
    Hermetically sealed with a one-piece
    flange and easy to separate for post-use
  • 80-90% less plastic
    Significantly reduces plastic use
    compared to traditional plastic trays*
  • Humidity Resistant 
    Crownboard Prestige offers strength
    performance in high moisture
    environments and is 100% recyclable
  • Optimum circularity
    Recyclable paperboard tray
  • Convenient design
    Liner easily separated from tray for
    post-use recycling
  • Standout solution
    Delivers differentiation to top-tier Bio
  • Robust design
    Paperboard solution withstands
    humid storage environments and
    protects and preserves the meat
    inside by preserving shelf life
  • Reduced carbon footprint
    Shipped flat packed to GB Bernucci
    to optimize pallet usage and reduce
    carbon impact of transport. The
    formed tray delivers a 34% reduction
    in greenhouse gases and a 40%
    reduction in energy consumption
    versus an equivalent plastic tray**

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*Plastic reduction figures are for the tray and exclude the lidding film, which is not supplied by GPI but is expected to be similar to film used for current trays. Each PaperSeal tray is specified on a case-by-case basis to minimize plastic content, at levels even below 10% where possible.
**Savvypack, 2019.